TSW: Halloween, to be continued

We managed to squeeze one more gaming session out of the Halloween content that is accessible to us at this early stage playing through the game. Main story wise we’re in the Blue Mountain zone (the third) but our gear or skill level is hampering further progress beyond that so we need to spend time doing missions before we progress further. The mission system warns of this with the difficulty description – clearly a mission marked as ‘devastating’ isn’t worth attempting…

We followed, as a trio, the two main Halloween missions as far as we could. The new radio themed one is very interesting but with that and the older cat-themed mission we now have to move on to another zone so the trail for both stops there. Hopefully by next Halloween we might have progressed through enough of the game’s main content to finish off both.


We received some more event-themed spoils from fights – occasionally a
“Kitty of Ulthar” monster has been spawning at the end of fights and that always gives a random loot bag as reward.


We also happened across a load of players fighting this scary creature while following a mission in Kingsmouth. Thinking it must be like the Golden Golems from a previous event we dived into the fray – it was a tough fight to learn on the go and we both died a couple of times learning about the pictured radial attack that he does. In the end however we got no noticeable rewards for taking part – it’s actually a fight from a specific mission that we haven’t unlocked. I guess that’ll be another thing for the task list next Halloween!

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2 Responses to TSW: Halloween, to be continued

  1. pkudude99 says:

    I think the “Super Jack” that drops loot for all and sundry has more like 12 million HP, so this wasn’t him, sadly 😦


    Yeah, here’s a screenie i took of him last year: http://nomadicgamer.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/clarisse_picture264.png

    And yes, up in the tree his attacks do’t hit you, so it’s a great place to be 😉

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