EQ2: Heroes’ Festival and the 10th anniversary

The Heroes’ Festival is back in Everquest 2, the in-game event to mark the anniversary of the game’s launch, and this time it’s a special one as it’s been ten years. I’ve dabbled in the event before when playing but this time around it’s a lot more attractive to me.

Public raids!

Public raids!

The new quest, The Play’s The Thing , feature randomly spawning puppet raid bosses out in the open world. These puppets have a suitably giant amount of health but are otherwise as passive as a giant plushie should be.

So I spent an evening stabbing and slashing at these monstrous yet fluffy creatures and in the process really starting to learn something about an instant-high level shadowknight’s abilities. These puppets act similar to a training dummy – they track threat and are affected by abilities as normal so you can test out ability rotations on them at least to a basic degree. In the process I’ve reorganised some of my action bars and spent time reading ability descriptions a bit more. Up until now most of my playtime on this character has been fighting against creatures that barely last ten seconds if that. So it’s actually my first experience in the game of raid-style fights that last minutes rather than seconds.







The fights aren’t challenging but they would take a long time if there aren’t many players helping out. So far the community on Freeport has stepped up though and there are lots of players spotting when they spawn and offering free Spire Portals to transport the current group to the next.

The highest level one, Baelon (above), is in Eidolon Jungle and is level 95. I’d thought I wouldn’t get to see him as I didn’t have the expansion to give access to the post level 90 zones. Thanks to the timely launch of Altar of Malice, the latest expansion, I now have free to play access to this zone so was able to kill this puppet too!

Taking part in these puppet fights rewards a new kind of token that can be saved to buy some housing items, plushies or even full sets of armour and weapons at certain levels – the level 95 gear could be very, very useful for this character when he’s approaching that expansion’s content. I’ll need a total of 173 tokens for a full set, that may take more time than I have to give to the event but it’s certainly a goal to try for.


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