Time zones are a pain

Time zones are a pain, both to experience the differences and to live with them for gaming. I was in South America for nearly two weeks and came back to days of feeling tired constantly and out of sorts. It’s certainly affected the amount I game as I’ve been going to bed earlier than I normally would and feeling tired mid afternoon on weekends also.

Beyond this it also has affected my gaming a lot over the years. By simple weight of population there tends to be a lot more English-speaking servers in MMORPGs in the USA than in Europe. Also the games I have played or am currently playing are dominated by North American companies or publishers.

Over the years I’ve been part of a number of guilds, mostly ones dominated by players on US time zones. This means I rarely get to join the majority of group activities or scheduled meetings as they start when I’m going to bed or already asleep. The same holds for most player run events in EQ2 (so annoying) and for a lot of the broadcast play-sessions on Massively’s Twitch TV channel as well.

As a gamer, very often, it just plain sucks to be in Europe.

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3 Responses to Time zones are a pain

  1. pkudude99 says:

    Easy solution: Move to a time zone that matches the US. Canada and the western parts of South America match up nicely. Or there’s even the US itself if you get really desperate 😉

  2. Prof.mcstevie says:

    Oh god don’t remind me, when your favourite MMO only has american servers and you have to adjust to all their good events at the worst times for you.

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