EQ2: a slower pace

I’ve played a couple of sessions in Everquest 2 since coming back and I’m enjoying the sheer breadth of the game. The amount of content is staggering. But unlike in the past I’m not letting myself become intimidated by this nor feel pressured to ‘rush to cap’. I played some more of the Halloween-themed Nights of the Dead event on my inquisitor, he’s done the most of this event in past years so it makes sense to keep collecting the housing items on one character.



Mazes are always fun, although having the map add-on has made it a lot less immersive as in the default user-interface you have no clues to help navigate them. That said I still got thoroughly stuck for rather longer than I’ll admit because I missed little details that open up access to later sections. If in doubt, go back over old ground and look closer!

I’ve also spent some time on my shadowknight getting his harvesting and crafting going. The one downside to the free level boost on this character is that his crafting is woefully behind. I’m not going to sit and power-level it from 20 to 85, but I do want to start progressing on that aspect of the game.

I particularly enjoy EQ2’s balance regarding harvesting, crafting and adventuring. Crafting is more involved than many MMOs, not just a click and wait affair. But the harvesting is simple – FFXIV takes this balance too far towards complexity for me, harvesting mini-games are a chore. One thing I love about the game is the sheer quantity of recipes, ingredients and items – the crafting system is astonishingly varied.

Creepy crafting

Creepy event-themed crafting

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