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EQ2: grounded in Withered Lands

Having dinged level 90 in Everquest 2 I’ve moved on to the Withered Lands questing zone. So far it’s been an enjoyable zone to quest through with a couple of interweaving storylines and a good number of optional repeatable quests … Continue reading

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GW2: screenshot tourism

We recently logged back into Guild Wars 2 for the first time since February just to have a poke around. The game is very familiar still but the User Interface had changed in subtle but jarring ways (it’s been nine … Continue reading

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TSW: delving into Blue Mountain

As a trio we moved onto the Blue Mountain zone in our last session. Since we’d spent some time doing action-only missions the time before at the Academy, we chose to go on up to the Franklin mansion for a … Continue reading

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WoW: watching from the wings

So I’ve been watching my partner play Warlords of Draenor next to me over the last week and so far I’ve not seen anything that would encourage me to return to the game. It looks very polished as you would … Continue reading

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EQ2: setting some goals

As I’ve mentioned in a recent post it’s very easy to get distracted in Everquest 2 and to spend time flitting from activity to activity or character to character. Like other games that I’ve played less intensively, my progress to … Continue reading

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TSW: Savage Coast’s missions

I was watching global chat in The Secret World while waiting to start a mission last night and a conversation between a few players started about just how excellent the quality of the missions is in the Savage Coast area. … Continue reading

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EQ2: puppets and bookshelves

In the little time I had for gaming this weekend, I finished gathering the tokens needed from the Heroes Festival to buy a complete set of level 95 armour for my shadowknight. What impact having this gear will have remains … Continue reading

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