Back home and WordPress

I’m back from the long AFK and ready for some catchup gaming, it’s been a long fourteen-odd days without any MMORPGs. Over the last couple of days I’ve started sifting through the massive backlog on my blog-reader.

I also notice that has pushed ahead with yet more annoying dumbing-down tweaks of the default UI. It’s now even harder to get to the standard admin page and thus the proper post editor, the lobotomised ‘New Post’ form really annoys me so much as it has so few options. For the record I’ve just found the Admin page is still accessible from the little Cog icon within the square for the blog on the ‘My Sites’ summary page. It’s still my prefered blogging platform, but like my MMOs, I can only take so much patronising simplifications before I start to think of moving on…

I’ll get on with some gaming and post more updates over the weekend.

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  1. tsuhelm says:

    Thanks for that helpful hint about the cog wheel, as I blog at work that extra little time of exposing my page to the rest of the office can be minimized a little again!

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