EQ2: Nights of the Dead box ticked

Just before I go away I wanted to at least poke my head into Everquest 2 to have a look at this year’s Nights of the Dead live event (wiki guide). I’ve done some of this event in previous years the past though never delved into it that deeply. I’m often away in October for work and this year is no exception so again I’ll miss the majority of the event.


Looking at my quest log and the guide I headed to Loping Plains for one particular chain of quests that I knew had a new addition. For some reason the NPC decided I hadn’t done the penultimate quest despite it being in my completed quests log. Anyway it was a fun ‘plants vs zombies’ setup though the end fight is pretty nasty!


I then did the rather trippy follow-up quest by finding some ghosts to talk to across various zones. It’s a fun quest with lots of world travel – something I’m always happy to do in Everquest 2, more than any other MMO I’m happy to be riding, flying, hoping or whatever across Norrath.


To finish off the session I decided to have a go at the Ghost Hunter competition outside Qeynos. It’s a timed “race around running over items” quest, similar to others at other times of the year. Enjoyable enough and not very time-consuming. I scored well on both attempts to buy a new scarecrow plushie for my house.


I decided to play my old main character, the inquisitor, for this session since he’s got the most Nights of the Dead housing items already and it’d been a long while since I’d played him. It’s nice that so much of the live event content is level-agnostic so you can choose to play alts or lower level characters.

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