Secret World: progression update

We’ve been gorging somewhat on The Secret World of late since it’s our new game to play. Progression is more nebulous though as there’s no big level number to mark it as in most MMORPGs.

Play session have been mostly a mix of mission types, we save the Story missions (the game’s overarching story) for playing with our trio friend, but there are so many missions packed into the zones we’re spoilt for choice. certainly doing everything is an option but then if we eventually were to create alts it’d be better to have some missions untouched, maybe I need to do a list…

Progression could be measured by percentage completion of the skill wheel. It could also be evaluated by average gear level. How experience is awarded seems to be somewhat opaque since my character has only been played in a party of two (or three), always with my partner’s character. Yet for a while his skill wheel completion was about one per cent ahead of mine; now after the weekend of giant golden mushrooms my percentage has zoomed to 1.5% ahead of his. Does that reflect build or play effectiveness? Is experience not shared equally as is the norm in most MMO party activities?

The only visible effect of this progression is in the game’s evaluation of mission difficulty (e.g. easy, hard) and the equivalent colour dot marker for monsters to warn if they’re likely to be a challenge. So as we wander about if we see red monsters or very hard missions we know to slow the march through the zone and maybe fill in some gaps in the map that we missed. It all feels pretty free and organic as a ‘questing’ experience.

The game has atmosphere oozing out of every pore. It is well worth playing with headphones as you might miss some of the lavish and carefully placed ambient sounds. Also some areas and missions probably benefit from playing them with the lights off if you like immersive gaming or scary movies!

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    It’s percentage of skills taken, so if your partner’s taken a lot of low-AP skills, or you have, then your percentages won’t match, even if you have the same amount of raw xp earned.

    Mob cons are scaled against your SP spent on talismans. You get an xp penalty for doing hard or higher missions too, so doing them at “challenging” or lower is the best way to go. This is an anti-PL measure to make it so you can’t group with a QL10 person and have them run you through all the missions in Transylvania and zoom you up.

    • Sylow says:

      On the other hand i know from experience that a higher geared character supporting somebody in his appropriate zone is no problem. My girl has a collection of twinks and she gets XP just fine when being in the correct zone, even when my 10.4 char is along for company. (I don’t feel like twinking and lucky me, the game doesn’t force me to do so, like some other games would. )

      • Sylow says:

        Addendum: when i crossread my statement it seems like i’d want to contradict you. That is not true. Your statement is perfectly fine, my posting is an addition on a detail. 🙂

      • pkudude99 says:

        I didn’t think you were contradicting. High level can go help in KM no problem, but high level can’t drag low-level into T-Ville. Makes perfect sense 😉

  2. pkudude99 says:

    Sorry for double post, but I looked up your Chronicle at and see you’re now running blade/hammer. Kewl. Seem you’re really going after the tanking weapons. . . .

    Blade skills (since this seem to be your primary weapon) generally synergize best with Penetration and Afflicted. I would heartily recommend trying to get the Clearing the Path finisher skill from the outer ring and running Blade Torrent as your builder while using the Perfect Storm passive. Perfect Storm adds a little bit of damage to your hits with the afflicting dot and since it sets the afflicted state on the mobs, CtP then gets a +40% change to penetrate, making it do tons of damage. I know that its cost of 27 AP’s (plus the ones lower than it on the tree) make it feel like it’s a long way off, but it’s a huge help.

    And FWIW, on any basic solo build you want 1 ST builder, 1 AE builder (both on same weapon) and then 2 ST consumers (1 for each weapon) and then 3 utility skills. Passives selected to boost damage applied by your active skills obviously, plus Lick Your Wounds and Immortal Spirit for “heal mitigation” are often slotted as well.

    For a basic tanking build (I assume that’s what you’re going for since you’ve got Agitator slotted) you want 1 AE builder and 2 AE consumers, then 2-3 impairs (2 is usually good) and 1-2 defensive/utility skills (1 if running 3 impairs, 2 otherwise). In the “early days” of tanking, the Crimson Theater skill is excellent as it doesn’t rely on the hit stat at all and it gives bonus hate to you as well. For hammer, the Razor Shards skill is considered “best” as you can actually pre-cast it before combat (melee weapons start at full resources, after all) giving you a hate bonus to your next hit on target. So perhaps some things to shoot for. . . .

    • Sylow says:

      “And FWIW, on any basic solo build you want 1 ST builder, 1 AE builder (both on same weapon) and then 2 ST consumers (1 for each weapon) and then 3 utility skills. ”

      Now, this is a very philosophical point of view. I personally would never go without AoE consumers on a solo setup. After all you most of the time fight groups of enemies, single targets are the exception and the AoE consumers still do acceptable damage.

      So i personally would rather use 1 AoE builder (2 AoE builders, one for each weapon in Kaidan) and 2 AoE consumers and fill the rest of the bar with utility. I personally (disclaimer: my perception might be flawed) found such setups way more useful and i have the impression that i can do missions faster than with a single target setup.

      • pkudude99 says:

        When I was “leveling” I started out with lots of AE skills, but fights took forever, especially vs the high HP “mini-boss” mobs that so many quests had as part of them. So in Egypt I swapped from my AE-oriented Rifle/Blade build to a single-target oriented Blade/Chaos build. That said, my “Single-target” blade consumer was Clearing the Path. At the time is was guaranteed to penetrate an afflicted target rather than the current +40% chance, so it did as much damage as an ST consumer anyway.

        But anyway, with Run Rampant as my primary builder, 4-Horsemen as my primary consumer, with CtP as secondary, and Escalation as my AE builder, if necessary (I used Bloodsport as my afflict since it works on any hit) I found it MUCH easier to kill the mini-bosses, and if I was fighting multiples, they went down easy enough with the Escalation + CtP combo. So my personal experience is that while leveling, the ST focus is much better.

        Now that I’m in 10.0-10.2 gear and have a full wheel, yeah, I use AE’s when solo. I’ve got plenty of passives to add damage, so AE is awesome. But while leveling…….. It’s all context. And the context of my earlier advice is for a person leveling up in QL4+ gear 😉

      • Sylow says:

        Hmm. That’s quite a different experience than mine. I ran with AR since the start of the game, and always used the AoE attacks. (Plus leech healing. ) My second weapon went through many changes, with fist, hammer and elemental magic having most of the showtime, but i at all times used AoE attacks and i never felt this to be a problem. Of course, what you consider “mini-boss” often forced me to rely mostly on leech healing and i slowly scratched them to death, but all in all my setups performance was excellent. (I even went throught he Quarry in Blue Mountains alone with that setup. I found it very slow going, but was successful and the QL10 green drops were put to good use sometime later, when i finally had the SP to equip them. )

        But alas, it seems like there’s more than one way to success in this game, the many different ways to build a useful deck are part of the fun. 🙂

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