Secret World: Golden Weekend and Gilded Rage

This weekend (09-13th October) has a special bonus weekend in the Secret World. Currently Ability Point (AP) rewards are doubled, this can boost character development significantly as you play. We have played a couple of investigation missions, which generally take more time to figure out than say action missions (killing stuff) but reward a lot of XP and thus AP when you crack them.

The second aspect to this weekend is the presence of random world boss spawns in zones. So far we’ve only joined on the one boss fight in Kingsmouth. At first it didn’t seem as though enough players would gather to take down this raid-level monster but someone called out at the Agartha nexus and the zone quickly flooded with those coming to help out.

Flee the gilded mushroom monster!

Flee the gilded mushroom monster!

Inspecting some of the other players gathering before the fight began we realised as relatively new characters (gear quality mostly 3 or 4) we might not even be able to hit this monstrosity. Certainly in World of Warcraft for instance you can only fight world bosses realistically when you are at the level cap. In most MMOs that are level based you would automatically miss a raid level monster if you weren’t at least max level.

Thankfully Secret World seems to have a much shallower gearing-curve. Despite our relative newness we were able to hit and damage the beast, and my partner’s character could heal the other players. The fight was incredibly laggy so dodging the telegraphed circular attacks was problematic, I died twice since my poor character is a melee/tank spec. I swapped to an improvised pistol build after the second death and proceeded to shoot at the monster from maximum range to give me more dodge time.


It was a fun fight despite the fact we weren’t really contributing that much. I’m really pleased there’s the chance for us to take part in these events from the get-go. Completing the fight gave us an achievement and a random loot bag, I was lucky and got this ‘stylish’ golden bow-tie to wear!


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  1. pkudude99 says:

    TSW’s curve is quite flat. I’ve actually been swarmed under and killed in Kingsmouth up on Priest Island while in my QL10 purple gear. Granted, it was bugged out at the time and spawning endless waves of mobs, but QL3 mobs still took me out. . . . .

    The golden golem is kinda of a dance. He does a close range AE, then a longer range one but with a safe inner circle, so you can dance in and out, though if you’ve got you graphics settings too high (not in the UI controls, but an actual default command that you can only change with a typed command) and there’s the max raid size on him (I think it’s 100 or 150 people) then the lag can be something else.

    FWIW, here’s the command to turn the settings down — The changes don’t actually take effect until you zone, so you need to prep and do it in Agartha or something, then zone in to KM (or wherever) for the event. Or even a quick re-log.

    /setoption SpellEffect_DisplayLevel 4

    And then when done, to return to normal (otherwise dungeons are a pain since you can’t see their telegraphs. . . ):

    /setoption SpellEffect_DisplayLevel 0

    Something else that can help is to hit F10 -> Interface Options and then turn off nametags, health bars, and damage numbers. Damage numbers is the big one here, but all 3 can casue lag in the big fights.

    Yet another thing that can help is alt-tabbing out and opening your task manager and making sure that you aren’t running any stray unnecessary processes.

    Good on ya for getting the bow tie!

  2. Telwyn says:

    Good to know on the graphics tips. We did a couple more of the boss fights and it definitely gets hectic when the players pile in!

  3. Sylow says:

    On how you got your support for the golem, you you might like to know about the #Event channel in chat. (Use the command /chat join event and if you want to keep the channel instead of having to type that into the game chat every time you log in, you might want to add that to the login script in your TSW folder. ) Such channels were created and administered by players since the first events started, another sign on the quality of the community in this game. (The other channel the new player might indeed want to know is #Sanctuary and later perhaps #Noobmares. )

    While the golden golem weekend is over, with Halloween just around the corner this channel might become useful again soon.

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