Do you take gaming with you when away?

Today is one week out from the latest (and hopefully last) business trip of the year. Travelling with my work is usually hectic – long days that start early and finish very late. So gaming is sadly not usually possible, at least a proper gaming session. This is doubly annoying as it’s a great way to unwind and it would be a way to spend some time with my partner and friends even when away from them.

These days a week or two abroad doesn’t just mean missing out on dungeon runs or some levelling fun. It can also mean missing those daily tasks that more ‘needy‘ MMOs give us. Neverwinter has the invoke mechanic, the daily reward isn’t that special but the cumulative rewards can be – I’m still working towards getting that angel companion (wiki link) for my 360th invoke. Also the rewards from running professions at least once a day can soon build up, astral diamonds are always nice to have when saving up for more purple companions.

I’m never one to keep up with gearing for raiding in other MMOs so I don’t feel the pressure to do dailies for some gear tokens that such games have at end-game (this last expansion WoW guildmates were forever talking about “capping valor points” for the week)

Logging into Neverwinter for 10 minutes to invoke on characters and maybe sort professions is one thing, but actually running dailies on characters is something else. I’m working towards getting 60 of the daily reward tokens in Everquest 2 now to buy a rent-free Luxurious Kromzek Keep (Zam link). I’d love to make some progress on that while away but hotel wifi is often laggy or unreliable.

I do draw a distinction here between work trips and holidays. When I’m away with work something to distract me from the stresses of the job is always welcome (though rarely is there time for it!). When I’m on holiday I actually relish ‘unplugging’ from gaming for a week or more. Do you take gaming with you when away from home? Do MMO dailies tempt you to log on still?

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  1. Shintar says:

    I don’t do business trips, but on holiday I’ve often wished I could take gaming with me. Sadly I don’t currently own a laptop, and even if I did it wouldn’t help me much whenever I visit my mother as she doesn’t have internet. 😉

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