Secret World: puzzling delights

It’s going to be difficult writing about The Secret World and our play sessions without major spoilers, something I’m always careful to try to avoid in my blogging.


In any case we have played a couple of really enjoyable sessions this last week including another session with our friend. The mission structure continues to make it easy to play the same characters as a duo or trio as schedules permit.


Beyond the main plot story missions, there are three types of main mission: action (i.e. combat), sabotage and investigation. It’s easy to look at what you fancy doing next and to grab the mission type that appeals most. This makes for potentially very varied sessions overall. The investigation missions can be pretty fiendish in their complexity, but two or three brains are better than one, so in general we’re not having too much trouble solving them without the help of the wiki.


Since this is a modern (or near-future) MMORPG, the game makes some use of the in-built web browser to access websites created by the devs about in-game organisations or individuals. The investigation missions that make use of such sites really adds to the immersion and explorative nature of such missions. I have to applaud the creativity of Funcom’s developers for the quality of the content.

Perhaps the only negative we’ve encountered so far is the odd bugged mission which completes for one or two of our group but not the other player. We’ve had to partially repeat some missions to catchup on missed goals. That said at least the amount of solo-only instances has died down already (as a commenter mentioned on my last post). It’s much better to be able to go into an investigation or story heavy instance together both to experience it together.


Overall my impression of the game is that it oozes character and atmosphere out of every pore. The zones so far have been stuffed full of content as well, NPCs have multiple missions of differing types for you to select between. It’s all looking good for us continuing our run in the game for some time to come!

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  1. Sylow says:

    Solo missions are already dying down for you in Kingsmouth? In this case i am impressed, i thought there are still several. (And a few more on the rest of Solomon Island. )

    Anyway, without spoilering too much, just yesterday i once again found that they learned a lot from those complains. I for the first time hit the Bank Heist mission. Not only were my girl and me able to enter it together, there even were parts where being two of us really made things easier. The thing you have to hit is not exactly a switch, nor is the obstacle a door in the given case, but the challenge in solo at some places is alike the “hit a switch, then pass a door undetected within like 15 seconds”, which is a breeze when actually doing it with two persons. Of course, two persons sneaking around trying not to get detected has proven to double the chance to get us detected and busted, so i guess it evens out, just is more fun together. 🙂

  2. Aywren says:

    I remember when I first discovered we had to use real websites to solve some of the missions in TSW. I thought it was the most clever thing!

    My friend and I have just picked this back up and are currently duoing through Transylvania for the first time. Still a lot of fun to play with all the depth of the zones before it.

  3. pkudude99 says:

    I see that you’ve dropped the pistols for Chaos magic instead. Kewl. I ran Chaos/Blade from Egypt through Transylvania and it did quite well for me. Of course now that I have the full wheel, I change things up all the time. Ran Blade/Shotgun for a while, currently run Rifle/Shotgun. For solo, anyway. In dungeons I tend to run pistol/shotgun or rifle/shotgun (but completely different from my solo build) as a dps, or fist/pistol if I have to heal. And while I’ve got a Blade/Chaos tanking build, my tank gear is um……. I can tank elites if I have to, but I wouldn’t want to try a nightmare just yet.

    Anyway, good to see that you aren’t afraid to play with the wheel a bit already!

    • Telwyn says:

      Yep. Definitely a strength of the game so far. I look forward to playing with builds more when I have more segments unlocked. I have a hammer waiting in my inventory so will be giving that a go soon.

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