Wildstar: Town Hall (EU) community chat and state of the game

While tinkering away at quests in Everquest 2 I sat listening to the “Town Hall (EU)” event Thursday night via the Twitch chat organised by WildStarCentral. They had the Carbine English language Community lead (CRB_Anlath) online with some guild leaders and other community luminaries to debate various issues about the game in a live chat.

It was a pretty interesting discussion overall, even for an ex-beta player who didn’t subscribe when the game launched. There’s been plenty about Wildstar in the MMO news lately as they’ve had a couple of high-profile staff leave Carbine and there’s been the usual threads on forums and reddit about subscription decline. The linked community talk was honest about some of the games issues but mostly upbeat and gave a good impression of the commitment of the community to the game’s future. Those on the panel were giving positive feedback on how to encourage the community to pull together and help the game to turn around. This coincides with some of Bree’s points in her latest Wildstar article at Massively. Whether I end up playing Wildstar (or ESO or Everquest Next etc) or not, as a fan of the genre I want these games to do well, as she puts it I don’t want the genre to “dry up”.

I’ve just recently received a “try Wildstar for a week” email so at some point we will probably pop back into the game. It’d make sense to wait until the big “drop 3” update has actually landed so we get to see the latest improvements to the game. We didn’t actually get far enough in the beta weekends to unlock housing, which is one system I did want to have a play with. I think the timing will be all important to get the most out of the chance for a fresh look at the game, maybe nearer the Christmas holidays…

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    They should just stop trying to hold off the inevitable and go F2P. Although with the current alienating end-game design even that probably won’t save them on its own. I’d guess they may wan to get clear of the WoD launch before announcing a change to the payment model and a basic overhaul of the progression mechanics anyway. Three months after WoD drops might be ideal. If they can last that long.

    • Telwyn says:

      It seems the most likely path to take, if it does happen we’ll get around to trying the game at some point, probably as a replacement to Neverwinter in our ‘action MMO’ slot.

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