EQ2: dungeon delving

Inspired by a comment on a previous post I went searching for some dungeon exploration fun in a recent EQ2 session. I self-mentored down to level 80 at the Chronomage in Gorowyn and then headed to Sebilis via the Kunzar Jungle (link to travel info).


The mobs are all tougher but given my level-boosted shadowknight’s gear and bunch of AA skills they were for the most part no big trouble. I had my mercenary out, an ogre defiler, to provide some damage-shields and heals. Having the mercenary allowed me to move through the dungeon at quick a fast pace, which was the point in this case as I was looking at a better XP/min return than the questing I’d been experiencing recently.

Despite the relative ease of most of the mobs they are tightly packed in some of the many halls of the dungeon so overpulling did put me in danger at times, I even died once when my poor mercenary pulled aggro and quickly died. That was a salutary lesson in actually paying attention to my role as ‘tank’, since this is a boosted character I’ve had very little experience with proper rotations and that will need to be a priority soon I think. Paying more attention as I pushed on further prevented any further problems.


A side benefit of running this content is the loot chests showering from the rarer mobs. I have several shared bank bags stuffed with nice items and spell upgrades for my many low-level alts just waiting for them to level high enough to use them.

Perhaps the only down side to running the dungeon ‘molo’ (solo + mercenary) is the lack of connection with any story. I didn’t have any quests to come here and didn’t find any inside either. I may have to revisit Sebilis again after having investigated the wiki for any quest chains that would help explain what the story of the dungeon is…

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