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Back home and WordPress

I’m back from the long AFK and ready for some catchup gaming, it’s been a long fourteen-odd days without any MMORPGs. Over the last couple of days I’ve started sifting through the massive backlog on my blog-reader. I also notice … Continue reading

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I’m now away with work for some time, and will certainly have little time for posting for a week. Hopefully I’ll start catching up the week after. In the meantime dear readers enjoy your gaming wherever you find it!

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EQ2: Nights of the Dead box ticked

Just before I go away I wanted to at least poke my head into Everquest 2 to have a look at this year’s Nights of the Dead live event (wiki guide). I’ve done some of this event in previous years … Continue reading

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Secret World: progression update

We’ve been gorging somewhat on The Secret World of late since it’s our new game to play. Progression is more nebulous though as there’s no big level number to mark it as in most MMORPGs. Play session have been mostly … Continue reading

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Secret World: Golden Weekend and Gilded Rage

This weekend (09-13th October) has a special bonus weekend in the Secret World. Currently Ability Point (AP) rewards are doubled, this can boost character development significantly as you play. We have played a couple of investigation missions, which generally take … Continue reading

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Do you take gaming with you when away?

Today is one week out from the latest (and hopefully last) business trip of the year. Travelling with my work is usually hectic –┬álong days that start early and finish very late. So gaming is sadly not usually possible, at … Continue reading

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Hyperbole in gaming discussions

Two unrelated things came together in my blogging brain yesterday. I’d been musing for a few days about the usual hype->disappointment->hysteria cycle that affects MMO discussions and is currently afflicting Wildstar. For once I’m on the outside of this burst-bubble. … Continue reading

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