Rotation changes for Autumn

The leaves are rapidly changing colour and there’s a cold nip in the air, it is Autumn time! I’ve already put FFXIV on hold for the foreseeable future due to other priorities and pressures but I think there’ll be some more changes to my gaming roster for the next few months.

Solo game: Everquest 2
I’ve decided I’ll be giving Everquest 2 some love and attention as my solo game of choice. I really want to get a character to the cap, and my level-boosted shadowknight is at 88.5 now so he’s the likely candidate. With a new expansion looming the guild is more active again now and it’d be nice to be able to join in with their dungeon runs. With my partner leveling through Warlords and Draenor and presumably raiding again when the guild is ready, I’ll have at least a few evenings a week to focus on EQ2 properly.

Leveling duo/group game: The Secret World
I’ve been trying to resist giving this a go for months now, the coverage of the Tokyo missions hasn’t helped my resolve. I was downloading the game last night for my partner and I to dabble with when an email came through from my the friend we play SWTOR with saying he’s just been trying it with a mutual friend from our old WoW guild – so looks like some four-person dungeon runs in the future could be on the cards! This does mean SWTOR will fall off the list of games for a while as a consequence but I think we’d lost motivation over the summer to continue our Imperial trio – something to come back to if TSW doesn’t work out.

Drop-in game: Neverwinter
My partner and I will continue to play Neverwinter super-casually just to do invokes and see any events or module content that launches. However after a good ten months of playing the game very regularly I think we’re ready for a break from campaign dailies. The one major goal I still want to achieve in-game is to buy the angel companion you receive from 360 daily invocations – so I’ll keep doing invokes as regularly as possible at least until I’ve reached that milestone.

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