Neverwinter: Rise of Tiamat

The latest news from Perfect World has announced the next module (coming soonTM) called Rise of Tiamat. This news article has a video trailer but scant other details.

A quick look at the Wizards of the Coasts website shows that the novel of the same name launches on the 21st October, perhaps a clue as to the approximate Neverwinter module release date?

This module, unlike previous ones, does not introduce a new campaign, it’s more of a continuation of this one at least from a story perspective. We’re not currently playing full group content in the game so the chances of us ever doing the mentioned fight against the Dragon Queen (Tiamat) are rather slim. I would expect it to be a skirmish or even a dungeon, instanced content rather than a heroic event in the open world zones.

Beyond the Siege event this last week we’ve been mixing it up on our various duo pairs of characters of late: running my cleric and his guardian fighter through the Icewind Dale campaign and running the Sharandar campaign on my great weapon fighter and his cleric. Still lots for us to do in game!

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