Siege of Neverwinter event

Hot on the heals of the double refinement weekend we have a new event this weekend, tied into the storyline of the Tyranny of Dragons expansion. From Thursday 18th to Monday 25th Sept there is a new zone called Siege Battlefield. This smallish zone has a couple of NPCs to give quests and sell the event rewards. It also features a continuous rotation of heroic encounters themed on an invasion of various Dragon Cultists and their monstrous allies – notably a selection of dragons.


It’s a fun enough little event as something to break from the continuity of campaign progress. The heroic encounters in particular are enjoyable as it’s good old ‘follow-the-zerg’ fun. Something I would get bored with eventually but for the few days of the event is a change of pace. This is in contrast to the previous attack on Protector’s Enclave event they did for the anniversary which was a 5-person skirmish.

There are the usual mix of currencies to collect from a daily quest, participating in the encounters plus the unusual option of crafting one of the currency items via the event-specific crafting profession. The rewards include a short-duration buff item (the horn), a green companion and a chest with random rewards which include two purple quality companions (see Arc blog article).

Discussing the rewards with my partner the rewards do represent quite a hefty grind to obtain compared with some of the other events. Whether this is a trend or an isolated design I cannot say, but some of our WoW guild friends who played with us over the summer were turned off the game by the super-grindy nature of the reward structure in the game’s events (e.g. the recent summer/Sune event) and how unlikely rewards are to drop from chests or skirmishes.

For instance to obtain enough of the currency to buy one of the randomised reward chests that could contain a purple companion, I will have to donate seven lots of six Defense Supplies (56 in total). Crafting one Defense Supply takes ten portable altars or forty common crafting materials (a mix of wood, ore and cloth). Multiplying that up comes to some pretty hefty numbers when you consider the probably likelihood that the reward chest will contain nothing of any real value.


Some events have relatively sensible goals that can be achieved without feeling forced to login or grind the activities excessively. The winter Simril event for instance or the April Fool’s dungeon event. Other events including the call to arms have nice rewards but are heavily or totally dependent on rng rewards – it can be very discouraging to always be relying on ‘dice rolls’ for such items. I’ll give the reward chest one go I think and leave it at that.

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