FFXIV: patch 2.38 and taking a break

As I have come closer to my monthly sub renewal I decided I’d put FFXIV on pause for a while. I’ll be travelling again for nearly two weeks in October and I doubt I’ll get much opportunity to play the game in the build up to that trip. I’ve not felt that motivated to log-in since achieving so many goals in a short space of time. I think the game has just slipped down my list of priorities at present.

The latest patch (2.38) has extensive details available via the patch notes, there’s not much to persuade me to keep the sub open. Personal housing is stupendously expensive. I’ve read threads about this on forums (e.g. Massively’s write-up), the few voices calling for the addition of differing price points for varied sizes of personal housing seem to get drowned out by those defending the current plan. My character has something like 20,000 gil at level 30 – the cheapest house is going to cost 3.2 million gil. Plots are limited though so it’s unlikely I’d stand a chance of getting a house even if I had the money. It’s similar to how Vanguard: Saga of Heroes treated housing – more like a PVE end-game activity than something you can acquire early on and play with as you level and gain wealth.

I still have plenty I would like to do in the game, especially investigating the grand company system more and of course exploring more of the world. I’ll admit the forced PUG dungeons runs for the main storyline has been holding my story progress back. I’m happy to jump into FATEs when they cross my path, I’m also happy to do the odd guildhest for extra experience and gil. But dungeons are much more involved time-wise and the few I’ve done have been stressful since I don’t know the mechanics and the majority of players are rushing through.

If I come back to the game I’ll need to look for a free company (guild) I think to make the adjustment to dungeons a bit easier. That’s too much of a commitment for now but something to consider for the future.

Time to rest

Time to rest



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2 Responses to FFXIV: patch 2.38 and taking a break

  1. Aywren says:

    Having a trustworthy FC that fits your playstyle makes all the difference, especially when moving through dungeon content the first time.

    I almost took a break from FFXIV last November for the same reasons you are — I hear a lot of myself echoed here in this article. Ironically, just as I was about to leave, a friend decided to join, and duoing it made it all that much better. I stuck with the game, and pushed myself to soldier through the dungeons, despite being PUG-shy.

    A big help was a class change — I switched from Lv 32 White Mage to Bard, and that made a HUGE difference. It allowed me a bit more room to err, and a chance to stand back and learn the dungeons. First time healer was just too stressful for me. Of course, I always warned folks I was a first timer, and I read overviews of dungeons before I entered. If something sounded particularly involved (like primals), I watched videos before I attempted them.

    Once I hooked up with a good FC, having friends who didn’t mind taking it slow or teaching was a great experience. While I’m usually not a dungeon runner, and I tend to mostly solo (I, too, enjoy FATES more than forced-group content), I’m glad I stuck with it.

    I’m not trying to persuade you to keep playing — just wanted to send some encouragement that with people, this game takes on a different tone completely. If you were on my server, I’d so help you through dungeons! Running them for roulette often ended up in me teaching folks the ropes. I always enjoy helping a first-time player through! 🙂

    PS – I’m also disappointed in personal housing. 😦

    • Telwyn says:

      Thanks for the comment. I definitely want to return when the time is right, it’s a game I feel I need to give more time to than I can at the moment! I like the idea of a class change. I like playing healers but it is too stressful for PUGs as you say.

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