Changing of the games

The all important pre-expansion patch for World of Warcraft (patch 6.0.2) is likely due a month before launch, so mid October (13th Oct? No firm date announced yet). Already some of our guild-mates who played Neverwinter this summer have drifted back to Azeroth to begin their preparations so our heroic dungeon runs in the later game have come to a halt.

Healing Grey Wolf Den dungeon in Neverwinter

Healing Grey Wolf Den dungeon in Neverwinter

This saddens me as having dungeon runs really added some spice to our enjoyment of the game. For the last few weeks we’ve been duo’ing the campaigns only and that does get tedious especially if you try doing multiple campaigns on different characters – so many dailies!

Sharandar dailies

Sharandar dailies

When the aforementiond WoW patch lands my partner will probably be jumping back into Warcraft as well to get his main character ready for the climb to the new cap and new raids.

I have no plans to jump into the game again, the raiding experience even with flex-mode wasn’t for me. So I have some interesting choices about what I’ll be doing instead. With several evenings a week free once more I could forge ahead in FFXIV or dive back into Everquest 2 properly and make some real progress in that game. I’m feeling at the moment like I’d rather concentrate on one or the other so one of the two will have to go on pause again.

In any case I hope Neverwinter will remain an occasional side-note to our gaming as we’ve had some really enjoyable sessions in this game. Putting it on the back burner for a while is probably a good idea though as I think I’m approaching burn-out after playing it so regularly for ten months.


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  1. bhagpuss says:

    As another interested, outside observer I’m looking forward to seeing how much impact WoD has on the populations of the MMOs I play and, perhaps more importantly, how long that impact lasts. The last two WoW expansions seem to have had a relatively short-lived draining effect on the rest of the MMOverse but WoD is being built up to be something with more staying power. We shall see.

    There’s a lot happening this autumn, MMOwise. Everyone seems to have expansions or major content drops scheduled within weeks of each other. Going to be very competitive. The EQ2 expansion looks (on paper) like the best since RoK seven years ago so that will probably be my” new game” out of the bunch.

  2. Shintar says:

    I’ve been taking a bit of a break from Neverwinter myself. I’m still logging in to collect my freebies and work on my professions, but generally my play time has been dominated by SWTOR and its housing expansion.

    I’m thinking of resubbing to WoW for a month purely to be able to take before and after pictures of my characters when they do the character model revamp, without any real interest in playing. If I try out WoD at some point, it won’t be at launch. I’d rather wait for it to go for fiver at some point, like MoP did.

  3. rjeffersiii says:

    I wouldn’t count out playing Warlords of Draenor for yourself, they are doing some very new and interesting things with the game that even got me to come back. The ability to have any other profession, while keeping your main and secondary professions through the garrisons is a nice touch. The ability to recruit followers from around the world of Draenor and send them out on missions the same way you do in Star Wars: The Old Republic is a much needed feature especially when they can bring you back gear.

    Even if you don’t want to raid, in my opinion the game is worth trying it at least one billing month cycle.

  4. Telwyn says:

    I’d agree with the “never say never” mantra – I did go back for MoP in the end, but like Shintar suggests I learned the value of waiting for that return. It meant I missed out on the bone-crushing reputation grinds that launched with that expansion.

    I have the added advantage of playing the game vicariously by watching it on my partner’s screen while he plays so for now, at least until I see garrisons and what the questing is like, I’m happy to watch from the sidelines. That said I’m not happy with either the direction of game systems redesign nor the storyline either so I’d not bet on a swift return.

    Everquest 2 has its hooks into me yet again and the old guild seems more active in advance of the expansion so maybe I’ll finally get into that game properly.

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