Neverwinter: double refinement points this weekend

This weekend, 12-15th September, there’s a double refinement points weekend in Neverwinter. That could make quite a difference to upgrading an artifact or high level enchant. It makes more sense to me as a more casual player to concentrate on getting one or two artifacts upgraded from green to blue quality during this bonus period. That’s not a massively onerous upgrade in terms of the input of enchantment or refinement items and it gives enough of a stat boost to make a different to a character’s gearscore.

The only snag is that we’re still not quite at the stage of unlocking the third boon of the Tyranny of Dragons campaign – doing so on our latest level 60s would allow them to do their free class artifact quests. All my level 60s have their level 20 artifacts at blue quality already and in most cases have a second artifact also at blue quality. But having access to the great weapon fighter artifact unlocked may tempt me to swap that in to some of my characters trio of artifacts and if I do this weekend would be a perfect time to get some cheap upgrades done.


The artifact system is a pretty hefty grind but it is also offers some unique item-abilities for your characters and an extra layer of character customisation. I’m happy to push the dailies a bit this weekend to try and get that latest class artifact unlocked, but unlocking the skirmish and dungeon and rolling the RNG dice to get the artifact weapon crafted isn’t that appealing at the moment.

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