Neverwinter: gated content and gear balance

It’s been a busy few days so I’m a bit behind on my normal posting schedule. One quick thought for Neverwinter though is just how different an experience it has been unlocking gated PVE content in the game on different classes. This refers primarily to the requirements of the Icewind Dale campaign, you need to have three boons (permanent stat increases) from an earlier campaign unlocked but also a minimum of 10,000 gearscore.

My first character to level 60, a control wizard, struggled a bit but I ran some epic dungeons with the guild and the tier 2 pieces he has made all the difference for the last few hundred points.

Epic dungeon gearing run

Epic dungeon gearing run

For my second character, a devout cleric, it was noticably harder. I bought a full set of cheap purple gear, fitted the best enchants I had available (rank 5) and still he only barely squeaked over the line after gaining a couple of tier pieces in Dread Ring. That was a lot more care and attention paid to gear than I had my wizard since I was clueless about gear when I was gearing him – I’m pretty sure he still had some rank 4 enchants yet he topped the 10k without any auction house purchases.

Getting my cleric to the frozen North wasn't so easy...

Getting my cleric to the frozen North wasn’t so easy…

Now I have a great weapon fighter also at level 60 and he easily topped 10,000 with all but one slot filled with questing blue armour. We’re not far enough in to either the Tyranny of Dragons or Sharandar campaigns to have earned tier gear just yet. My partner’s devout cleric is behind (just short of 9,000) in the same mix of gear – so clearly there’s a class imbalance where gearing up is concerned.

GWF seem to have it easy gearscore-wise...

GWF seem to have it easy gearscore-wise…

It could well be partially down to the luck of my character having selected feats that give a stat boost – that probably would raise his gearscore. It could also be gear imbalances as well since all gear is class specific.

The issue is academic at this point as we’re not in a hurry to do Icewind Dale on these latest characters and the Tyranny of Dragons campaign has no gearscore requirement  but still the difference irks me especially since cleric is my favourite class…

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5 Responses to Neverwinter: gated content and gear balance

  1. Shintar says:

    That’s interesting, I wasn’t aware of that! Does seem kind of off for sure.

  2. Meznir says:

    It does seem to be that Clerics end up with less stats at 60 – and thus lower gearscore. If they are going to have gearscore based on your stat totals (which I find very odd) and gate content on a single gearscore – then it would be fairer to have all classes have roughly the same base stats and not have some feats that increase your fare score while at others don’t – thus having to choose the feats that give you the best gearscore!

  3. pkudude99 says:

    As I recall it (been a while since I’ve played NW seriously, though I actually logged in last night for the 1st time since… March, according to the dates on my emails to myself to act as extra bank slots. Anyway…. as I recall it, there’s one of those end-line feats you can take that gives GF’s and GWF’s a massive power boost, and thus inflates their gear score, in spite of the gear itself being similar to all the other classes. I didn’t pay attention on my GF, TR, or DC last night, but i did look at my CW and she was at about 9800 GS and that’s with a nice T1 set, plus everything else at least level 60 purple. I may not have every piece rune’d up though, so that might make a difference. IIRC, though…. my GF that has some blue pieces still (I think, I didn’t look last night) had a GS well over 12000 as soon as I hit 60 due to that one feat. Guess I’ll have to look for real tonight.

  4. Actually the Tyranny of Dragons does have a gearscore requirement but only for the skirmish and dungeon. I think its around 10.5k for normal and 13k for epic. You also need access to Icewind Dale to unlock both. They raise it any higher and I would be excluded already since both my chars are just above 13k, and my GS raises very slowly. 😛

    • Telwyn says:

      Ah thanks for the clarification. We’re not doing dungeons much at the moment so hadn’t even bothered to look into that, that’s a bit like IWD though isn’t it? The campaign is 10k but the dungeon requires higher?

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