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Peeking at the Secret (World)

My planned return to EQ2 will not happen properly until I’m back from a work trip in October so for the weeks left in between my partner and I have decided to give Secret World a spin. We’ve played one … Continue reading

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Rotation changes for Autumn

The leaves are rapidly changing colour and there’s a cold nip in the air, it is Autumn time! I’ve already put FFXIV on hold for the foreseeable future due to other priorities and pressures but I think there’ll be some … Continue reading

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WoW and server queues

There are two big topics circulating on the blogosphere at the moment: WoW’s role in ‘ruining’ MMOs (i.e. making them less about grouping and more solo-play) and the Archeage launch queues. World of Warcraft and solo-play I think WoW benefitted … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: Rise of Tiamat

The latest news from Perfect World has announced the next module (coming soonTM) called Rise of Tiamat. This news article has a video trailer but scant other details. A quick look at the Wizards of the Coasts website shows that … Continue reading

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EQ2: when a step backwards is a step forwards

Everquest 2 can be a complex MMO to dive into as a latecomer. Questing on my newish insta-level 85 shadowknight I’d been dithering around in the Great Divide zone for many play sessions and leveling pretty slowly. He’s just recently … Continue reading

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Siege of Neverwinter event

Hot on the heals of the double refinement weekend we have a new event this weekend, tied into the storyline of the Tyranny of Dragons expansion. From Thursday 18th to Monday 25th Sept there is a new zone called Siege … Continue reading

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FFXIV: patch 2.38 and taking a break

As I have come closer to my monthly sub renewal I decided I’d put FFXIV on pause for a while. I’ll be travelling again for nearly two weeks in October and I doubt I’ll get much opportunity to play the … Continue reading

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