FFXIV: sudden progress

After a couple of sessions of seeming slow progress in the game, this latest session was full of progress on my goals and some nice surprises to boot!First I had picked up a quest as I passed through the Central Shroud to unlock chocobo combat so my chocobo mount can be trained to fight alongside me. It’s a simple quest to kill a few creatures with your chocobo helping you. In order to summon your chocobo to fight at your side you need to feed it gysahl greens every thirty minutes. I tried a few vendors in the settlements I travelled through and it appears most do not sell this special cabbage – but I did find one in Gridania and the linked thread above has a couple of other options listed.

Get your gysahl greens!

Get your gysahl greens! (near the Gridania main Aetheryte)

I haven’t really delved into the chocobo combat customisation as I’ve not done much with him so far – but looking online while writing this post, I found a pretty good guide including suggestions on specs to choose.

The last of my original goals for returning to the game was done when I dinged level 30 on my conjurer class and unlocked the white mage (WHM) job. The job-unlock quest was pretty tough to do, sadly it wouldn’t allow me to use my newly acquired chocobo to help me. I died once and then concentrated on healing more and just scraped through, I suspect my gear is probably a bit behind for this to be such a challenge.



One side-effect of having a job crystal equipped is the locking of cross-class skills from classes other than the secondary class needed for the job. So as a white mage I can use conjurer, arcanist and thaumaturge skills but I can’t use for example the gladiator cross-class skills I happen to have unlocked. This leaves me short of good skills to slot, so I think one of my next goals will be to level thaumaturge some more to unlock the other easy to unlock cross-class skills. The only arcanist skill I could unlock is level 34 and I’m in no hurry to level a second class that high – I’d rather get conjurer to 50 as higher priority.

The session also had a couple of nice surprises. I unlocked a new mount as part of class quests:

Flying eyeball-demon mount!

Flying eyeball-demon mount!

and then only minutes later I unlocked another:

Nature's blessing

Nature’s blessing

A really busy gaming session with lots achieved, new goals going forward are:

  1. Level thaumaturge to 12 to unlock surecast and blizzard II
  2. Level up my chocobo companion and chose a spec for him


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