Not much of a fan of ‘rose-tinted glasses’

There’s always been an element of ‘rose-tinted glasses’ to discussions about MMO gaming in my experience. If you never experienced Star Wars Galaxies near launch you simply haven’t played a ‘proper MMO’. If you weren’t in an Everquest 1 mob camp you have no concept of ‘the grind’.

Sometimes as I read through my bloglist I feel as though I’m one of the very few not deeply dissatisfied with the current crop of games, one of the few not fixed on idolising the past. I have no hankering for replaying Morrowind, Final Fantasy VII, Neverwinter Nights or some other classic. I’m happily situated in the now with MMOs and gaming in general.

I admit that the best games in the MMO genre, at least from a breadth and depth of content perspective, are some of the oldest – e.g. EQ2 or LOTRO. But I cannot ignore new entrants such as Guild Wars 2 or Neverwinter (the Cryptic MMO) that show a very different play style and seem to be taking a very different tactic to offering that ‘massively multiplayer’ experience. It’s the newer games that are currently keeping my attention more than the old stalwarts after all.

I guess this is because I like to play MMOs that are well populated and still being updated regularly. It’s much easier to find games in both categories if they’re still relatively popular and relatively new as well.

Are you playing mostly newer games at present, a mix of everything or have you gone back to old classics?

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6 Responses to Not much of a fan of ‘rose-tinted glasses’

  1. achaiusplays says:

    I’m fixated on FFXIV at the moment. GW2 is a great game (just got bored of it in the end, since my friends in game moved to FFXIV instead). I do love the classics, like Baldur’s Gate or FF8, but to sit there and fixate on them at the cost of ignoring the new games seems a little pointless to me.

    Nostalgia is one thing, but placing them above everything else just because you enjoyed them at the time is a bit silly.

    Especially when you go back and play them. It’ll be an entirely different experience, because whatever the hook was orginally will be gone.

    Like with FF8. When I first played it, I wanted to know what was going to happen to Squall, and Rinoa. I wanted to know who Edea and Ultimecia were. I wanted to try and get Gilgamesh, and kill Omega Weapon.

    I’ve done all that now. I know the story, I’ve beaten the big guys. I’ve done it. Sure, I love the game and would still enjoy it, but the big hook that kept me going, and made me love it in the first place, has been done away with.

    That’s why, when they brought Siren and Diabolos into FFXIV from FF8, I was really happy. I could get the nostalgia of the fight, but with a new tactical setup, a different play style, and a new mystery as to why they were here…

    So I guess, for me, it should either be looking back and smiling whilst playing (and enjoying) the new games, or having the old throwback/quick session every now and then.

    In other words, a mix of both… But that was a really long way to say it. Sorry. 😀

  2. bhagpuss says:

    The MMOs I’m really playing right now (as opposed to the MMOs I’m nominally “playing” but which I never, in practice, never log in to, which is a *much* longer list) are GW2, EQ2, and EQ. By far the most played is GW2, which I’m logged into for anything up to 40 hours a week, although around half of that time I’ll be tabbed out reading and writing blogs and doing other unrelated stuff on the internets.

    GW2 annoys me a lot because of the sluggardly development and endless missed opportunities but despite that it’s one of the four or five best MMOs I’ve played and I imagine I will play it as long as it, or I, am around. EQ2 and EQ are both great solo games now. I imagine they also remain great group and raid games bu you have to be playing them a lot more regularly than I am to experience that.

    When it comes to comparing MMOs of the past with those of the present and the future my line of enjoyment is pretty much steady. I loved playing the old ones, I love playing the new ones. Where I am starting to have a real problem, though, is with the increasing insistence on “action combat”. GW2’s version is fine but all the fixed viewpoint, no-cursor console control analogs that are creeping in just don’t do anything for me.

    That’s the one area where I really do want it to be 1999 all over again – I want to use my keyboard for movement only and my mouse pointer for everything else. Why they can’t design MMOs to use both options so players can have the choice mystifies me. Clearly it’s not a technical problem because it’s been possible to play point&click MMOs with a game controller forever.

    But other than that one gripe I’m quite happy with the 2014 version of MMO gaming.

  3. Victoria says:

    I fully agree with your point of view and concerns not only games – I think there are such people for whom earlier everything was better – from games and cameras up to food, people, etc. Yes, there are great old MMOs, but there are also wonderful new ones, and I don’t see a point why we should be pessimistic and not look for even better new games with innovatives in technology

  4. kaozz says:

    I also enjoy the newer elements of games like gw2 and neverwinter. I find myself playing those a lot more than my old favorites. It was great to be there in the old days of Everquest, but I mostly miss the community, not the mechanics so much. Even going back to them, it isn’t the same. Plus, I enjoy t the ease of getting together and going of to do things together in the newer games with the hubby, as he has limited gaming time.

  5. So who exactly is telling you things like this? I know I like to revisit the past in my posts, to talk about how things used to be. But I am pretty sure I haven’t been doing so simply to spit in the eye of those who were not there or establish some level of geek cred.

    • Telwyn says:

      Well I wanted to know what people are playing, it seemed from a lot of the blogs I read that since the summer especially classic games (not necessarily MMOs) are all the rage and I don’t see the attraction personally.

      I enjoy reading blog posts about earlier games and playstyles for sure, but reading about it is one thing and going back to those games and playstyles is something else (IMHO). I’m less understanding about reading in-game someone criticising the game you’re both playing because it doesn’t harken back to some golden age – especially when the game they’re going on about is still running! I’m not talking a few friends looking back at the good old days inbetween boss fights. But rather someone idling and spamming the zone chat with such stuff. The post was triggered by seeing such a chat recently in Neverwinter.

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