Neverwinter: Tyranny continued

We’ve made a little more progress in the new Tyranny of Dragons campaign this last week, having repeated the dailies in Neverdeath Graveyard three times and now having unlocked the quests at Ebon Downs. Other than shouting at the screen every time a NPC calls it “eee-bon downs” instead of “eh-bon downs”, it’s been a lot of fun so far.

Cultists and a mass of heroes in the downs

Cultists and a mass of heroes in the downs

The dragon heroic events are still drawing a crowd although perhaps not quite the super zerg of the first weekend. I knew we wouldn’t keep up with the most dedicated players, probably not even the average crowd either – they’re already in the later zones doing the dragons there. Still there are enough players to kill a dragon in the low zones, it does last more than ten seconds now, which is more satisfying than the first dragon fight we experienced.

This is a black dragon believe it or not, under all the spell effects...

This is a black dragon believe it or not, under all the spell effects…

The general cultist opponents and monsters are pretty challenging, some more than others. The White and Blue Dragonwings are particularly nasty.


Since I’m mostly doing this campaign so far as a duo it’s no big problem but I can imagine it would be pretty painful to solo on my wizard (above) or cleric. There’s a significant gearscore difference between more developed characters and newly dinged level 60s now and I guess it’s a tough call for the devs to balance content for both groups.

Tip: use zone chat while in the relevant zone and you’ll see players chatting cross-instance about which instance’s dragon encounters are going to pop first – this can save a lot of waiting if you want to get it done quicker!

We’re also a few days in to the Summer festival in the game, I missed it completely last year as I’d already stopped playing at that point due to the bugs and ‘Caturday’ rollback. I’ve had a quick look at it and it seems like a substantial piece of content, but the main rewards (three different mounts or the pig controller companion) aren’t that exciting for me and it’s a pretty crazy grind to get the pig companion anyway. I’m dabbling in the festival crafting as it’s mostly making food which offers some nice 30 minute stat buffs.


The actual events in the zones are all like the competitions across the zones – players are rated according to contribution. The pig/chicken herding is good fun but lasts a bit too long in my opinion, it gets boring towards the end. The other events like the troll killing is dependent on gear score. Trolls are exploding before you can even get a hit in since some characters have crazy high gearscores (17-20k) compared to my poor casual characters (~10k).

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