Neverwinter: Tyranny of Dragons campaign

Module 4: Tyranny of Dragons is live as of last Thursday. So far I’ve only had one days go of the quests and like the campaigns before it this latest campaign has time locked progression to prevent players grinding the whole thing out in one frenzy of questing.

So far the campaign follows the standard model of dailies, quests, lairs (solo dungeons) and a mess of new currencies. However it does differ from the formula in a couple of ways. Firstly it makes use of the leveling zones rather than being a separate new set of areas. Secondly the campaign is open for characters of levels 25 upwards meaning you can play the campaign as leveling content not just endgame. That’s a potentially huge benefit for this expansion – I’ll certainly try this with my warlock alt that I’ve just created when he gets high enough level.

Go see the harper, they said...

Go see the harper, they said…

I’ve only played warlock to 4th level so far so I’ll leave a proper review of that class till a future post when I’ve unlocked more class features. The campaign quests are mostly standard fare albeit with some nice lore and writing. The new heroic encounters added to each zone are the dragon fights as advertised in the marketing build-up for the module. I’ve seen the first one in Neverdeath so far and was suitably impressed with the dramatic entrance animation and the right overall. It’s comparable with the dragon fights in the dungeons and skirmishes already in-game. Naturally since it’s brand new content and open world so the poor dragon was zerged to death very quickly by a horde of heroes – this may well be a lot tougher as the campaign matures. If dragon kills are mandatory to advance each stage then that could be a real design flaw for the campaign’s usefulness as leveling content when it’s no longer the current content – time will tell.

Not solo-friendly

Not solo-friendly

There’s way more than I can talk about in one post as I’ve barely scratched the surface; this seems like one very substantial update to the game. The new blue-quality barbarian shaman leader companion (i.e. a healer) is a welcome addition as healer’s are relatively rare. There are also two new packs that are both out of my price range – the Dragonborn pack currently on sale at $75 and the scourge warlock pack at $35. There are more artifacts to find and a new type of item – artifact equipment. This is armour or weapons that you have to rank up just like an artifact.


There are class-specific weapons that boost one particular class ability and there are attribute-boosting belts (e.g. +Wisdom). It’s an interesting concept (similar to Legendary Items in LoTRO) but may well be rather grindy.

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