Too many games?

Stargrace asked on her post yesterday if you can have too many games to play at once. It certainly feels like there are too many options for me at present. I have the as yet untouched new content of Module 4 in Neverwinter to dig into hopefully this weekend (I was out Thursday and Friday evenings so haven’t seen anything yet!).

I have still a vast amount of unseen content in FFXIV to play through and with a expansion in the works which will add “the [same] amount of content released with the relaunch” so I’d like to get to the cap and start seeing some of the deeper content before that arrives.

However Everquest 2 is in the spotlight again due to SoE Live this weekend and there’s some interesting stuff coming by the sounds of it (EQ2 Wire has the full coverage). I do miss the housing in EQ2 when I’m not playing it, there’s just something unique about the character of that game. As commenter eLdritchZ on Massively’s article wrote:

You have done it. You have convinced me. A mouse riding a bunny is just too good to pass up. Here, have all these shiney coins.

Only in EQ2 would you have a ratonga riding a giant bunny mount…

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  1. The upcoming EQ2 expansion looks fabulous, as do the non-expansions updates they have planned through next year. With EQNext pushing out to 2016 I foresee another substantial run in EQ2 in my future.

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