FFXIV: adventures can find you

I played my first proper session of Final Fantasy 14 for some weeks two nights ago and it was good to be back in the chocobo saddle once more. My character is closing in on level 30 conjurer now, at which point I’ll be able to take my first advanced job of white mage – something to look forward to!

Look up...

Look up…

The exploration theme I’d felt before in the La Noscea zones applies equally to the forests of the Shroud zones – it’s not as in your face as say the vistas in Guild Wars 2, but there are occasional quests that expect some jumping or hunting for a hidden path to access the objectives.

As well as doing some quests I’m also aware of the FATE public quests around me. They are generally fun to take part in and most seem to attract other players with regularity so it’s a chance to get some practice at mixing damage dealing with healing in a group context.


One particular FATE, called Breaching the Hive, led to my character dying twice in quick succession. It was mostly down to the suicidal tactics of another player who seemed oblivious to the idea of carefully pulling dense enemies back to avoid us being overwhelmed (it was only two of us trying the FATE at this point). That’s more a problem of design for this specific FATE than any wider issues with the system.

Generally I enjoy FATEs a lot and mix them in with questing if they start nearby. I’m also doing the odd guildleve as well since it’s bonus content based near the quest hub that gives me money and experience. I’ve read about “FATE grinding” as an alternative to quests when leveling other combat classes so I’m sure I’ll they’ll play a role for future leveling goals as well, but for now I just consider them as an unexpected little adventure that happens to along my path.

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  1. achaiusplays says:

    To be honest, “FATE grinding” these days is obsolete for leveling until you hit about 45, to get through the period between level 46 and 48 where there are no storyline quests. And even then, if you do it in Coerthas, around Dragonhead and the Stone Vigil you’ll find that you get those levels fast, and then the story quests begin again. With the challenge log, duty roulette and leve quests, there are easier ways to grind the levels.

    Although, to be honest, I just did the story quests (ignoring sidequests so I had them for alt classes later) and a small amount of FATEs and dungeon re-running, and I was 50.

    Talk about FATEs these days, especially the grinding, is more about the Atma Weapon quests, where you have to get 12 items called Atma from 12 different areas of the world, and they drop by doing FATEs with a RNG drop rate.

    As an example, I’ve been doing FATEs in Central Shroud to get it for almost 6 hours, and haven’t got the one from there yet. Where as one of my FC members who came with me got it 3 times in 30 minutes… Haha.

    And since it is the first (yeah, first) step in getting your Relic Novus weapon (generally the best weapon for the class at the moment) everyone wants to get it done…

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