T minus 7 days and population perceptions…

Seven days until the Tyranny of Dragons module launches for Neverwinter. That means I have a week to do other stuff, such as play Final Fantasy some more, before I get absorbed by the need to try out the new warlock class.

Image courtesy of Arc community website

While I was away there was also the announcement that Neverwinter is coming to the X-Box One console next year. It could be a boost to the game’s playerbase, although the mega-server architecture makes it very difficult to perceive any significant change in the amount of players – the most popular zones are always buzzing. Tobold touches on this in his post yesterday – I’ve experienced the ‘tumbleweed’ effect he mentions in other MMOs, LoTRO pre F2P conversion for instance.

As I said recently to some Neverwinter guildmates I play MMOs for the sense of wider community, not just those you play with normally but also the casual interactions, auction house and other factors that make these games more than just another local coop RPG experience. So having a half-decent population around makes a difference to my longer-term enjoyment of any game.

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