Back home and some blogging catchup

So I’m back after the trip and a total absence of gaming for ten days. Despite the usual summer lull in blog posts my RSS reader was crammed full of unread blog posts, mostly thanks to the Blaugust initiative by Belghast. A number of my usual blogs are doing this, sadly I won’t as I have deadlines to face this summer for work and study.

I’m going to get back to my usual ‘every other day’ schedule for posts but posting every day again even for one month is too much time investment for me at the moment, maybe next year!

I’ll have to do another post on all the great articles I’ve missed commenting on in a timely fashion while I’ve been away but a couple that immediately sprang to mind were Bhagpuss’ article asking just why any MMO would want to launch in summer (e.g. ESO and Wildstar). It’ll be interesting to see if the change of seasons as summer closes has a positive effect on either game’s player numbers or the perception thereof.

Also Syp of BioBreak has been writing on the heated discussion over whether sandbox MMO Archeage should have a PVE server, one where players are not free to attack other players at random. This topic is a thorny one, easily the subject of a whole post. It’s an argument I can symphathise with, I’m dead against non-consensual PVP – any game that forces me to PVP won’t last long on my computer. I remember adding my support to calls for a PVE server for Allods when it was still in beta but the developers /publishers felt a PVP forced game was the way to go. Personally I think the potential loss to a games playerbase is likely to be greater than any loss of PVP players because there aren’t enough crafters or monster-hunters to gank…

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