Summer gaming-mix 2014

Last year I did a MMO update post for the summer around this time of year. Things are seeming very different from the perspective of the selection of games that I’m playing, though the comment about lack of free time applies equally this year too!


This is my main MMO for now, the one I play duo with my partner and also for group instances with guild mates. It’s fun and there’s some good updates coming soon – Module 4 comes in August with the new warlock class. There was to be an alchemy themed event with a cool-sounding healer (i.e. ‘leader’) companion but that was delayed due to technical issues.


This game is my current self-selected solo game although I’ve not had much free time to play it for a week. I still want to get my first job unlocked and maybe give crafting in the relaunched version of the game more of a look.

The rest

That’s all I’m playing at the moment, a rather short list. Our SWTOR leveling trio has ground to a halt due to real life being too busy for all concerned. I’ve not felt the urge to log into EQ2 or LOTRO for many weeks now, I’d rather be playing Neverwinter than either of them. At some point we may get around to trying the Secret World but not before we tire of Neverwinter at any rate.

F2P limits

In the same way that I avoid having multiple MMO subscriptions at the same time, I also feel a similar about free to play games as well. Generally if I am really enjoying a game I’m happy to occasionally spend some real cash to buy some permanent items in-game (companions, character slots etc). Usually I wait for a discount deal or bonus currency event but I’m happy to invest some money in the game nonetheless. But if I have two or more F2P games to play at once that starts to feel like an unnecessary extravagance. So I’m not rushing to play other F2P titles in parallel as having multiple games pushing you to open your wallet frequently can get tiresome…

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