Neverwinter: Scourge Warlock dev blog

The first official details have been released on the new class coming to the Neverwinter MMO, the Scourge Warlock. The class is actually sounding more flexible than I would have expected with the following specialisations:

  • Fury – fire-focused damage dealer
  • Damnation – a pet-class variant with a self-buffing ‘soul puppet’ temporary companion, one that eventually can be permanently summoned
  • Temptation – a life stealing support class

I consider the Temptation variant to be an unexpected bonus, although the description does avoid explicitly calling this a healer spec. Still even if  it’s an ‘off-healer’ type role where you can do some healing based on your damage it’s a welcome addition to the current game since clerics are the only healers (called ‘leaders’ in 4e D&D – give me a druid, bard or warlord next please!).

I guess I was spoilt by Guild Wars 2’s options for rangers since in that game they have some good healing/support builds, so I half expected the Hunter Ranger’s Pathfinder paragon path to be a healing role. It does offer support but not actual substantive healing per se, so if the Warlock steps into this void of healing alternatives I’ll be very happy!

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