FFXIV: Conjurer advances

Yesterday I managed my first session of Final Fantasy for just over a week so came back not entirely sure what I should be doing. Checking previous posts (blogs can be a great aide mémoire actually!),  I am concentrating on leveling conjurer to 30 so I can unlock my first job – white mage.


I have several story threads to follow at once; my class quests every five levels, the zone quests for several different zones that I’ve passed through recently and the main storyline (which includes the odd dungeon quest). Lumped on that are the fate public events that I tend to find irresistible as it’s a chance to interact with other players casually. I’m also doing at least one ‘duty roulette’ for a guildhest – these are training fights that show off particular trinity group tactics. I get bonus XP and money for doing a random one (hence roulette) and the first time you do a given guildhest on your current class also gives an extra bonus! That will make guildhests a useful activity as I swap to leveling other classes at least.


I’m not rushing though and Eorzea is a world worth exploring. I came across this monstrous fossil in the Upper La Noscea area. At the moment I was taking this I was really wanting to jump off the road and go climbing over it, low and behold not long after I had a quest to do just that!


Not only did the quest have me jumping onto a precarious giant skeleton looking for fossil fragments but I had to do a fair amount of jumping to get to some of them. I’ve played enough Guild Wars 2 to have very mixed feelings about jumping puzzles but they’re few and far between in FFXIV (so far at least) so when the opportunity for some exploration like this comes along I’ll jump at the chance (‘ahem’)…

My character is now level 27, so three more levels shy of unlocking that job. I’ve also read I can start training my chocobo to fight alongside me at level 30 so that’s something else to look forward to! I also happened across this chocobo barding article, looks like I have some hard choices ahead but the idea of a paladin chocobo companion is pretty tempting!

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  1. achaiusplays says:

    As a player of FFXIV as well, I just want to say that this post sums up my love for the game perfectly! The world is gorgeous and huge, and there is so much to explore! The other day I found a cavern I hadn’t seen before, and I was so happy about it!

    I tend to do a lot of the lower level dungeons still as a Bard or Paladin, simply because it’s so much fun and so pretty as well! It’s really nice to see other people enjoying the game and its world rather than just playing for the end game rush and “teh shinee bigz stuffz”…. Haha. =)

    And if you are ever in a dungeon (or happen to be on Sargatanas) and see someone called ilixxie fluer, say hi. It’s me. 😛

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