Neverwinter: Gate Crashers

I’m away at a conference with no gaming computer so this week has been a mostly gaming-free zone. The Neverwinter gateway does offer a means to keep on top of crafting tasks and even the chance to play the odd game of Sword Coast Adventures.

Coming soon we have the next Call to Arms (CtA) event, Gate Crashers.  This is a skirmish I’ve never done before, one of the few remaining I suspect. It takes place in the wonderfully weird spell-plagued zone of the Chasm. The creatures are pretty nasty to fight as a solo leveling wizard, I suspect this could be a tough CtA event if that is indicative.

The linked, albeit incomplete wiki article mentions an intellect devourer that surely must be a green-quality companion rare drop. I’ve not had much luck with companion drops in CtA events, especially more recently – certainly I’ll give this one a go as well but I’m not going to be grinding it all weekend just for a companion. I can’t find any details online about this companion, hopefully it’s a new one rather than recycled content. Intellect devourers are psionic monsters, so I’d expect this to be a controller pet probably or a striker with suitably thematic attacks.

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  1. Shintar says:

    Actually Gate Crashers is one of the easier skirmishes as far as I remember, or at least it was while levelling up. We’ll see whether the scaling makes it any harder.

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