FFXIV: a meandering progress

Since starting back in the game I’ve made significant progress already. I took a few sessions to really concentrate on playing the main storyline (marked with the jagged Q symbol).

Jagged Q symbol means it's important!

Jagged Q symbol means it’s important!

This had two big unlocks attached – a Grand Company and a chocobo mount. The storyline leading up to the choice of Grand Company, a sort of NPC guild that gives you faction items to buy and ties you story-wise to one of the three major cities.

Decision time...

Decision time…

I ended up looking up advice on what to choose as the in-game story didn’t really tell me much. Should I choose Gridania as that’s where I started? No according to the guides I should choose the Immortal Flames of Ul’dah as they give the best gear for casters.

Unlocking a Grand Company gives me access to Grand Company guildleve quests – another subcategory of repeatable content that gives experience, gil (currency) and specifically tokens needed to buy company rewards. That’s the important part as I needed 2000 to unlock a chocobo mount. Given that FATE public events also give Grand Company rewards once you have joined one, it wasn’t long at all before I could afford my first fluffy mount.

Chocobo with Immortal Flames barding

Chocobo with Immortal Flames barding

Now that I have lots of different forms of content to do and a mount to get around a bit faster, so I’m back to leveling classes to unlock an advanced class, called a job in FFXIV parlance. At present I’m spoiled for choice as to what job to unlock.The obvious job to aim for is the white mage (WHM) an advanced healer class to build on my conjurer experience so far. That requires conjurer level 30 and arcanist level 15. I’d quite like to have a damage dealer spec for playing in groups and FATEs as well – summoner sounds like it might be fun (it requires arcanist 30 and thaumaturge 15). One other option that’s easier to level alongside my white mage would be to go for scholar (arcanist 30 and conjurer 15) though they are another healer job. Thematically I’d like to have paladin unlocked but I’m not a fan of tanking so that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Bard, a ranged damage dealer, could also be fun for something completely different but that requires leveling two classes I’ve not yet started on, archer and pugilist, so it’ll have to be a longer term goal.

Unlocking different jobs will give me more options for group content later...

Unlocking different jobs will give me more options for group content later…

As you may know the class/job system in FFXIV offers a lot of options and optional complexity to gameplay – I could just level one class/job set to the level cap and be satisfied, or I can level some other classes and really open up my grouping possibilities and, importantly, unlock some pretty useful additional skills.

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4 Responses to FFXIV: a meandering progress

  1. tsuhelm says:

    So its a little like final fantasy tactics…but MMO’ed…so that is quite a task you have set yourself…I presume some have unlocked all classes/jobs already?

    • Telwyn says:

      I’m way behind the curve since I didn’t play v1 for long and came back only briefly for the relaunch. Some probably have all classes at the cap. In any case the class leveling is not so onerous, I suspect the real grind is the end-game gear collection as with most MMOs.

      • tsuhelm says:

        “‘Lay on, Macduff, and damned be him who first cries ‘Hold! enough!’”


        “Grind on, Telwyn, and damned be him who first cries ‘Stop grinding! Never enough!”

      • achaiusplays says:

        To be honest, you are right. The end game gear is the real grind. I’ve got Bard and Paladin to max level so far, but I’ve only just hit average item level 90 (still got some item level 70 gear) on my paladin, but now you can get item level 100-115 gear… But then, to be honest, I’m more of a casual player in that sense.

        But, they make the grind easier every couple of patches. Grinding to i90 used to be really, really hard. But now if you do the Roulettes you unlock as you progress through the storylines, you can get a piece of i90 gear a day, pretty much, without spending more than 3 or 4 hours on the game.

        And yeah, a lot of legacy players (from v1) have all classes to 50, but a lot of people I know in game only have maybe 1 or 2 classes at 50… 3 or 4 if they have done crafting as well.

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