Neverwinter: the coming scourge

Today the game launcher has a news item officially announcing that the Scourge Warlock will be the next class added to the Neverwinter MMO. This is due on the 14th August this year, as I mentioned at the time I hoped the module would bring a new class and it seems that wish will be granted.

Scant details so far, but according to some post announcement forum speculation its likely to be a fire-based caster dps class (a striker in Neverwinter parlance). I don’t know the class from the pen and paper game but it sounds like it could have some interesting mechanics, e.g. possibly Shadow Walk as the evade/shift key ability – this moves the character and gives a brief stealth effect. Also from the paper game, Warlocks curse opponents with an at-will power and gain a specific ‘boon’ or beneficial effect when the cursed opponent dies. That could offer some interesting mechanics if the developers keep the class close to the source material. I hope the tab-key class mechanic will be something as interesting to play as the rangers ranged/melee stance swap, some are speculating about the summoning of temporary infernal companions?

I’m really looking forward to this in any case as I want a new caster class to level and I have a spare character slot saved just for this class!

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