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Neverwinter: new beginnings and dungeons

I’ve posted a number of times that running dungeons with random people is not my idea of a fun leisure activity. In all the MMOs I’ve tried there’s a tendency for such runs to be akin to a 100 meter … Continue reading

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Tobold on Wildstar dungeons and the broader combat issue

Tobold has a post addressing the debate around the difficulty of Wildstar’s group content, in particular the dungeons. For the record I didn’t choose to subscribe and play the game after my beta trial and the biggest reason was the … Continue reading

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Sticking to the tried and tested

Two interlinked thoughts occurred to me yesterday, I do not have a great deal of patience for buggy software of any kind and betas do not really offer a fair trial of new MMOs. I used to work in IT … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: Invocation

Invocation is a core mechanism of Neverwinter, offering a number of benefits to players regardless of how active they are in the game. Here’s a set of quick tips and things to remember with this system: Where to invoke? The … Continue reading

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STO: Klingon starter zones

Since I’m playing Neverwinter pretty regularly with my partner, I’ve been wanting to play Star Trek Online rather than just an alt in Neverwinter when I have a few hours to myself. We created a duo pair of Starfleet captains … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: hunter ranger time

Alts are a given for me as I’ve never been that fixated on just having the one character in an MMO. I like to see different playstyles and different factions (if appropriate) in the games I play. This is no … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: Icewind Dale heroic encounters and campaign progression

The current campaign, the Icewind Dale module, has brought with it new a type of open world content to Neverwinter – the heroic encounter. Basically they are similar to the events system in Guild Wars 2. When out and about … Continue reading

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