Neverwinter: the foundry motivations and limitations

Neverwinter has a player content creation system called the Foundry. It’s a simpler analogue to the powerful Aurora toolset from the earlier Neverwinter Nights PC game.

My partner and I have been looking at creating some Foundry missions of late as there are some direct in-game incentives for doing so (see recent Arc launcher article on this very topic!). The possibility of unlocking two different purple-quality companions is a pretty good inducement to getting creative at least in our case.



Foundry missions can give an alternative to the official campaign if you want to skip some content. They also can be, based on the luck of random loot, a good source of identify scrolls and some lower enchant stones or potions. The gear drops are almost always vendor trash (white quality). This highlights one of the limitations of the system, beta experiences of players abusing foundry missions for XP and loot farming led to serious limitations on what the creator can place in-game. It’s a real shame for instance that you can’t place some of the skill nodes (nature, religion, arcane etc) as these can be fun to hide in little corners or out-of-the-way places to encourage players to explore off the glowing path.

The Foundry allows you to create some pretty creative and interesting stories/quests. We’ve also been playing Foundry missions ourselves again of late to push over the level to unlock a given zone. The daily quest to complete Foundry missions adds the sweetener of some bonus astral diamonds (make sure the mission’s description says it count towards the daily if you’re running it for the bonus!).


So I’ve started trying to spend some time on making my own mission; my partner already has one live and is receiving feedback and tips – I’d not really paid attention to the tip option when reviewing completed Foundry missions but people do use it to show appreciation. The system is generally pretty easy to use though not easy to master. It’s not at all clear how more experienced creators have made their elaborate stories and dialogues work given the apparent restrictions in the system.

Thankfully we’re both trying this at the same time so there’s the chance to learn off one another. But still I find myself wanting to play the game more than work in the Foundry. If I manage to complete a mission I’ll write-up a post on some of the lessons learned along the way!

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  1. Shintar says:

    Would your partner be happy for you to share the title/ID code of his adventure? I’m curious now! 😉

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