Neverwinter: the Protector’s Jubilee

The latest event in Neverwinter is the week-long Protector’s Jubilee event to mark the game’s one year anniversary since it went live (20th June 2013). The city has been decked out for quite a party.



The event features a series of simple daily quests set in different zones of the game. It also has a combat-heavy skirmish set within Protector’s Enclave itself.


The skirmish auto-scales characters up to level 60 so, like Call to Arms events, you can participate at almost any level via the queue system. The skirmish has randomised groups of monsters from different zones, scaled to level 60 also. Not the easiest of fights to pug, and with the timed bonuses Cryptic are actively encouraging the players to zerg each stage regardless of the groups class-mix, abilities or coordination. It can be very rough on lower level characters as we found out running with a mixed guild group of characters between levels 20 and 55.

There are a number of rewards from the quest giver come souvenir vendor, Elminster (kind of the Gandalf stand-in of the Forgotten Realms). The main reward I wanted was the green quality jester companion, he has an interesting active power but otherwise isn’t a top choice for a companion to actually use in the game. Still unlike Call to Arms events, the jester is easy to get with only two days’ worth of dailies, so I’ve already snagged one on my fighter. That’s the easiest-to-get companion reward I’ve seen from an event so far!


The only other reward, beyond some cosmetic weapon skins and a stationary throne ‘mount’, is a key to give permanent access to the roof-top Protector’s Garden area. You come here for a bonus reward after running the dailies during the event. It’s a concentrated area with all the useful NPC services from around the main city – a nice convenient setup but not worth grinding dailies to get this year. I’m happy to leave something undone for next time the event comes around!

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