SoE rescues its games from PSS

So it looks like the whole debacle over European players being sold off to Pro Sieben Sat is finally coming to a close, as SoE has announced that PSS players of their games are having their accounts merged back to SoE’s direct management.

I was never really affected in so far as I took breaks from the games they develop and never signed up for PSS during the initial chaos. Thereafter gradually SoE renegotiated (i.e. backed away from) the deal so that preexisting player accounts could remain within SoE’s billing system.

I’ve sort of abandoned SoE games for now anyway but I am very happy for the newer players of their games that they’re finally going to be put back under SoE and not some amateurish TV company spinoff.

Tobold characterises this rather nicely as “don’t outsource your core business“. This is true but then SoE tried this before with Ubisoft and that ended just the same. Let’s just hope that SoE or whoever calls the shots above them has finally learned a lesson about palming off a whole segment of the playerbase…

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