Neverwinter: new beginnings and dungeons

I’ve posted a number of times that running dungeons with random people is not my idea of a fun leisure activity. In all the MMOs I’ve tried there’s a tendency for such runs to be akin to a 100 meter sprint inside a maze – unless you know the dungeon already you’re dashing to follow the other, inevitably, more experienced dungeoneers who just want to get to the big chest of treasure at the end, mowing down all the monsters at breakneck speed.

This same aversion has left me mostly soloing and duoing Neverwinter. We’ve done plenty of skirmishes as part of Call-to-Arms weekends but they’re simplistic little instanced scenarios with little chance of you getting lost. I have run a couple of dungeons with my mixed US/EU guild but times have rarely worked out well for me to join in and with the launch of module 3 dungeon running has died down as everyone is running the campaign zones to gear up again.

Garrundar the Vile: a Call to Arms skirmish full of nasty stuff trying to kill you..

Garrundar the Vile: a Call to Arms skirmish full of nasty stuff trying to kill you the healer..

So this weekend a new beginning in the game presented itself. Suddenly a whole group of our WoW guildmates decided to jump into Neverwinter as something new to try during Blizzard’s latest content-dry summer. With a group of familiar, well-coordinated players all leveling at the same time it only seemed natural to recreate our WoW guild in Neverwinter and get started on some group content! So far we’ve run the first dungeon three times with different groups, I have a great weapon fighter that I’m building as a tank and my partner has a new devout cleric.


I’ll be very interested to see the build quality of the official campaign dungeons. Some of the player-built foundry instances are excellent and would take some beating! I’d like to know if the quality of the official ones is maintained or if, as is so often the case, the devs spent an excessive amount of time and effort on the early ones yet later ones become lazy linear grinds.

As a closing note we saw the beholder heroic encounter for the first time on Saturday over in Dwarven Valley and it was a great challenge! This monstrosity has some very nasty to avoid but an additional complication came from players charging over in such a hurry to join in that they were training groups of mobs into the fight as it progressed. In any case the beast was slain at the end and I got the black ice icon tier weapon as a reward, a rare piece of good fortune!


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  1. Wow congrats on the weapon! I’ve run so many of those Icewind Dale encounters and haven’t gotten anything good so I’m just not doing them anymore. My thinking is… If I’m not going to get the good gear, whats the point in running the content. *shrug*

    • Telwyn says:

      I know the feeling. After the last CTA, I was like “never again” as it’s soul-destroying to face the RNG so much in so many areas of the game. But getting that purple, when we only jumped into the fight to see it for the first time was a real, and happy, shock! Of course it barely changed my gearscore at all so I’m still no-where near the gear level for the skirmish and other end-game stuff for the module. But now we have a new dungeon group setup my mains are on hold for now as we want to get a good stable group of dungeoneers up to 60 so we have more people to actively group with.

  2. Shintar says:

    My pet tank and I ran all the levelling dungeons at least once, and while they are solid quality and there are some seriously epic feeling encounters in the later ones, they do feel kind of samey after a while, as all the boss fights more or less come down to “avoid the red telegraphs on the floor and deal with adds”.

    Our pug experiences have also been very mixed… people generally seem pretty determined and willing to stick with it even through several wipes, but all too often the reason you’re wiping is that you just can’t hack it as a group and things don’t improve with subsequent attempts anyway. We had a really fun run yesterday though, as we got grouped up with a level 60 GWF in what appeared to be full best in slot gear… he basically raced through the dungeon killing everything on his own, while the rest of the party struggled to keep up and collect loot. On the last boss, everyone but him died really quickly and he then spent the next ten minutes soloing the boss. Kind of a weird experience, but also hilarious in a way.

    • Telwyn says:

      I’m always reminded of the extreme min-maxing in DDO years ago (before F2P). It was a pretty new-player unfriendly game and the community didn’t help. With the twink gear available via end-game characters a low level character could literally solo-destroy anything in the earlier dungeons. So many a pug run was me literally chasing after them in a dungeon I’d never seen before (that makes avoiding traps fun!) to try and keep up with the loot train…

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