Neverwinter: June is a busy month!

Lots to look forward to in Neverwinter this month!

  • Mysterious Chicken Egg event: 5th June -12th June. [wiki link]
  • The Garrundar the Vile Call to Arms: 5th June – 12th June.[arcgames preview]
  • The Protector’s Jubilee: 19th – 26th June. [wiki link]

The Mysterious Chicken Egg event is an Astral Diamond sink rather than a true event – players can buy the eponymous chicken egg from the Wondrous Bazaar and it hatches into one of two purple quality companions. I’ve not seen any hints at how much this will cost but if I can afford it I’ll grab one for one of my two main characters – I want a full roster of purple companions for Sword Coast Adventures!

I like Call to Arms events generally as they offer a chance to collect another companion. This happens to be a skirmish I haven’t seen in full – I once random queued for the daily quest and the skirmish was on the last fight when I appeared. The companion on offer is a green-quality lizardman shaman (a leader companion, i.e. healer), which could be a really nice companion for one of my low-level alts!

The Protector’s Jubilee is a different style of event from a Call to Arms with a currency that allows you to save up and buy a companion or joke-mount (a throne you sit on!). Like the winter festival, this takes the RNG-grind factor out of the event as you can quickly work out how much time will be needed to get the reward(s).


All in all not a bad month of gaming ahead. I’ve started chipping away at the Icewind Dale campaign on my wizard but find the dailies to be a real slog with my modest 10k gearscore. I think I’d rather wait and do the campaign on my cleric with my partner’s wizard as a duo – it will make a lot of difference to my enjoyment as the daily quests are tuned to be pretty tough if your combat reactions aren’t perfect.

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2 Responses to Neverwinter: June is a busy month!

  1. Shintar says:

    Thanks for explaining this stuff; I only just jumped back into Neverwinter this week and was wondering what all these upcoming events were. Do you know whether they all require a max level character to participate?

    • Telwyn says:

      Call to Arms are great in that they auto-scale any character from levels 10-59 up to level 60, the level of all the opponents. So you can easily join friends for a 10-15 min mini-dungeon and (hopefully) get some nice enchantments and other rewards. They do not award much if any XP though (unlike normal Skirmishes).

      No idea about the Protector’s Jubilee but I suspect it too will scale as well so you’ll have two events you can join in on regardless of level! 🙂

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