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FFXIV: a return to Eorzea

As the summer warms up I find myself in need of something a bit different to play, a solo game I can drop into as and when I have some hours to pass on my own. Neverwinter remains my current … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: the foundry motivations and limitations

Neverwinter has a player content creation system called the Foundry. It’s a simpler analogue to the powerful Aurora toolset from the earlier Neverwinter Nights PC game. My partner and I have been looking at creating some Foundry missions of late … Continue reading

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MMO questing and co-op gameplay

There’s a lot of posts this last week or so addressing the nature of questing in MMORPGs and how that affects grouping. Jewel has a post on the evolution of questing addressing some very fundamental issues that are contentious – … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: leveling and group fun

Our current leveling duo, my great weapon fighter and my partner’s cleric are fast approaching the half-way mark of level 30. The zones in the game are generally worth a 3-4 levels, so the zones can flash past if you’re … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: the Protector’s Jubilee

The latest event in Neverwinter is the week-long Protector’s Jubilee event to mark the game’s one year anniversary since it went live (20th June 2013). The city has been decked out for quite a party.   The event features a … Continue reading

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SoE rescues its games from PSS

So it looks like the whole debacle over European players being sold off to Pro Sieben Sat is finally coming to a close, as SoE has announced that PSS players of their games are having their accounts merged back to … Continue reading

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STO: digging deeper into systems

Over the last weekend I played a good session of Star Trek Online and rather than just plough through the episodes (main story missions), I decided to spend some time in First City on Qo’noS to be able to examine … Continue reading

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