SWTOR: Foundry revisited

Our leveling trio went back to the Foundry flashpoint in SWTOR last night and emerged victorious! We first tried this place back in late March and were simply too low-level to get past the dps-check boss, HK-47.

This droid means business..

This droid means business..

We found most of the boss fights in the Foundry to be pretty easy, mechanics-wise but not this assassin droid. You have to play as a coordinated team, deal with summoned droid adds as quickly as possible and the poor healer has to manage resources very carefully to avoid running out while still coping with heavy burst damage from the boss. After a couple of wipes to learn the fight we managed to beat it through good coordination and being able to shout out warnings – we were all gathered in the same room for once, that beats even voice chat for reaction times!

The second half of the instance, which was new to all of us, seemed rather easy in comparison. We wiped once more to the burrower matriarch due to ‘standing in fire’ (or acid spittle in this case) but after that it was plain sailing through to the final fight.

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As for the final fight itself, I can’t really comment without massive plot spoilers, but it felt easy compared with the earlier droid boss, almost like the tuning for the different bosses was somehow out of kilter.

The instance as a whole has some heavy references to the plot and characters of the Knights of the Old Republic game. As a fan of this old solo RPG game I was happy to see the characters once more, and the nice tie-in to a low-level mission from the Dromund Kaas planetary storyline.

Closure at last

Closure at last

Since we’d first tried the instance months ago we’ve had to level up three levels, with our sporadic playing schedule that’s meant a long wait to come back and finish what we started. We were pretty lucky with loot drops as well, several orange-quality gear upgrades for all three of us. Next stop, Hoth!

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3 Responses to SWTOR: Foundry revisited

  1. Shintar says:

    Level 36 is quite low for Hoth, have you guys done Quesh (36-37)? Since I remember you mentioning Taris last…

    • Meznir says:

      We finished Quesh just before going to the Foundry. We all dinged 37 on the instance hand in, so hoping we’ll be okay to go to Hoth now.

      • Telwyn says:

        Yeah, perhaps it’s just the F2P slower xp gain but we barely scraped enough XP out of Quesh to get ready for the Foundry and we did the heroics.

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