Neverwinter: Module 4 – Tyranny of Dragons

[Edit: normally I do not update posts, but this old one is getting search engine hits – the Warlock has been officially announced as the new class to come in Module 4]

I found out via Reddit that the next module for Neverwinter will be called Tyranny of Dragons. This was expected based on rumours, but the date of release was news to me – 14 August 2014. That’s pretty soon after module 3 (launched last week).

It’s probable that the release schedule is tied to Wizards of the Coasts (WotC) own plans to release the new edition of Dungeons and Dragons. Reddit speculators have noted that it’s unusual for Neverwinter’s developers (Cryptic) to announce a major release so far in advance, yet WotC are probably driving the PR for this – they undoubtably want cross-marketing for the tabletop and MMO games.

Beyond the date there’s no details as yet on the Neverwinter forums or elsewhere. Hopefully we’ll finally see the next class launched, I have an empty character slot just waiting for something a bit different. Most predictions suggest it will be the warlock, since several NPC warlocks are in the game so the attendant spell graphics and logic is already in place. There’s some wild speculation that the dragonborn race might appear given the theme of the module, that’d be interesting for sure though I’m not familiar with the race myself so it has no particular draw for me.   If they do add a new class or race I hope they stick to the formula and include a class/race specific quest chain.

The shorter lifespan for module 3 as current PVE endgame is a mixed blessing for me. I’ve literally just got my wizard’s gear up to scratch to start the Icewind Dale campaign now. It’s unlikely I’ll have fully explored it all by the time module 4 lands but I hope to have completed the basics of the campaign by then. A question on many players lips will be what are the prerequisites for module 4. Freshly dinged level 60 characters could walk into the Sharandar or Dread Ring campaigns with no barrier to entry, but Icewind Dale has set a precedence that you must do some level-cap progression on your character before heading to the frozen north. Will the Tyranny of Dragons continue this trend by setting a minimum campaign progression and/or gearscore?

A side note to this post is that the campaign cache reward, bought with six celestial coins from invocation, now offers a choice of either Sharandar or Dread Ring tokens. That’s new to the launch of the most recent module – before it was only Sharandar tokens. Due to the structure of campaign progression for Dread Ring and the fact you get a guaranteed amount of two different types of token with the cache, it makes the Dread Ring an easier campaign to progress if you’re looking for a speedy unlock of Icewind Dale’s campaign. So get busy with your daily invokes!

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