Wildstar open beta first impressions

This isn’t a review, just a quick first impressions post as I have limited time to write this.

Death to all spiders!

Death to all spiders!

Overall I have found myself pleasantly surprised by the experience of playing the game so far.

First a few negatives:

  • The UI is very overwhelming at first, even in the first few areas where you have no actual abilities to use. That’s a new feeling, I don’t think I’ve felt this bewildered by a new MMO since playing Star Wars Galaxies (briefly) for the first time in 2005…
  • The NPCs who voice random things as you read the actual quest text are an annoying distraction – we really expected voice-overs to be at least part of the quest text and not a random greeting/commentary!
  • The vacuum loot icon (the ‘V’) I find perversely annoying. I could live with missing loot if the game didn’t taunt me that I’ve missed something that is likely hard to see and that I left behind because the active combat has you jumping and dodging all over the place…

But there are positives too and the more I play the more I am finding:

  • The Chua race (no explanation needed – just play one)
  • Combat is a lot more fun than it sounds when reading about it. For example I like the tactical element of moving around on my engineer and positioning the aim telegraphs even as I’m casting them.
  • This game is packed with lore objects and flavour text, really it’s well worth clicking the other options before advancing a quest – similar in fact to Neverwinter in this regard.
  • A wide variety of quest types, helped by the path system I guess.
  • There’s definitely a sense of exploration in the game even if my character isn’t on the explorer path.

More thoughts will follow when I’ve played through enough content. Wildstar isn’t going to dominate my play schedule completely though as we’re still playing Neverwinter as well.

Chua + robots = all kinds of awesome

Chua + robots = all kinds of awesome

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3 Responses to Wildstar open beta first impressions

  1. Meznir says:

    The issue with the loot is the fact that it’s so hard to see small items. Things that need a roll on them have a big die over them and greens are a bit more visible than greys, but not great. If they made all loot more visible and let the vacuum option be closed without having to hunt down the missing loot, it would be better.

  2. pkudude99 says:

    I checked it out over the weekend. I also picked an Engineer, though since I’m not fond of cute or beast races, and the humans looked really silly I thought, I went with Mecharii instead.

    Overall I found it decent, but not compelling to me to switch to it from a game I’m not burned out on either. Perhaps if I was feeling “done” with other games and looking for something new… so maybe a few month out I’ll give it another look, but for now, I’m happy enough without Wildstar.


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