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SWTOR: Foundry revisited

Our leveling trio went back to the Foundry flashpoint in SWTOR last night and emerged victorious! We first tried this place back in late March and were simply too low-level to get past the dps-check boss, HK-47. We found most … Continue reading

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WoW: leveling speed and the talent point revamp

Reading about Stubborn’s super fast leveling of a Pandarian monk alt in World of Warcraft I was suddenly struck with the (doubtless unoriginal) thought that the desired, optional, super fast leveling in the game may well be linked to one … Continue reading

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Star Trek Online: time for a new MMO

I have been in need of something new to play since coming back from holiday. A lot of the older games on my hard drive just don’t interest me enough even to double click them at the moment – I … Continue reading

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Quest design in Neverwinter

Tobold has a recent post discussing quest design. ┬áHe discusses Wildstar among other games and this chimes somewhat with my experience. It also makes me think of certain elements of Neverwinter’s quest design that I want to comment on. Tobold … Continue reading

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Required effort for leveling

Before I went on holiday recently I’d read several discussions on the LOTRO forums about “being squishy” in the open world – the big rebalancing patch for Update 13 had changed the core combat calculations affecting character defences, damage output … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: Module 4 – Tyranny of Dragons

[Edit: normally I do not update posts, but this old one is getting search engine hits – the Warlock has been officially announced as the new class to come in Module 4] I found out via Reddit that the next … Continue reading

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Wildstar: open beta wrap-up

The Wildstar open beta ends tomorrow (6:00 am GMT), although in the end I only played a couple of short sessions this weekend on my Mordesh medic. I’m left with a generally good impression of this new MMO; it’s pretty … Continue reading

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