LOTRO: easy mode mounted combat

Mounted combat is still very much a mystery to me in LOTRO. Most of the questing I’ve been doing in East Rohan doesn’t require it and when I have tried it (since Update 13), it has been a somewhat painful experience.


Mostly this is down to me having progressed through the levels of the Rohan expansion not doing enough of it – the opponents I’m facing now at level 79 (they are 80-82) are not the basic warg-riders of the early zones. These orcs are actually a threat to the settlements I’m visiting according to the story, they certainly aren’t a pushover in mounted combat.

Having read guides to customising my war-horse, I’ve created a new “heavy war-horse” spec with mostly tanky, defensive traits. My original click-something-at-random spec was a medium one but it didn’t suit my playstyle at all. My main character, a heavy-armour wearing champion, has always been built to be moderately durable. So I’ve also read up on some basic tactics and one suggestion was to use the follow command. So I’ve created a “follow” alias shortcut key to set my war-horse to follow my current target (link to LOTRO alias creation guide).

Note alias command and shortcut bind in text bottom left.

Note alias command and shortcut bind in text bottom left.

In testing this massively simplifies basic mounted combat. Now I can concentrate on learning my mounted combat abilities without having to constantly worry about speed and direction as well. Longer term if I continue having to do mounted combat I’ll try to wean myself off this probably – following a lone orc as it charges through a pack of other orcs would be a bad idea for instance. What’s worse your mount will slow and speed up based on your opponents mount, this means fury generation is unpredictable at best so my attacks are generally weaker as a result (i.e. attacks are faster at full charge speed).

Stay on target...

Stay on target…

Still the alternative experience seemed to be riding in circles around my opponent never getting much speed up and, almost invariably, wildly pulling extra monsters by accident. This way seems a lot better!

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3 Responses to LOTRO: easy mode mounted combat

  1. tsuhelm says:

    Funny reading about getting to grips with mounted combat so long after RoR…I may get there by next year!

    The mounted combat never did really take off…(now mounted combat in the air would end up in some sort of Ace Combat/Panzer Dragoon/LOTRO fusion…doesn’t sound that bad!)

  2. Mounted combat is something I have never ever tried in any MMO. I remember looking at the horses and gear in LOTRO and being hopelessly overwhelmed. 😀 Seems like you got the hang of it though!

    • Telwyn says:

      To be fair the follow command makes all the difference. It sort of feels like the big brother to jousting in WoW (shudder). Maybe I’ll grow to like it, though probably not.

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