Bonus weekend in Neverwinter

I had an email through yesterday to announce this weekend as a bonus period for buying the cash store currency Zen for Neverwinter. I was actually contemplating buying some Zen to pick up a galeb duhr companion so the timing is quite nice.

They also have mounts on sale which is less attractive as I have the blue quality mount on all characters from the Guardian of Neverwinter Pack. I can’t say I care that much about an extra 10% speed bonus while mounted and I love the look of this mount.

This bonus period coincides with a weekly sale that includes a 40% discount on the Hunter Ranger Booster Pack. If I spend money on free to play games it is generally for account level things, buying keys or XP boost potions isn’t my idea of “good value”. The ranger pack is less attractive as the account level companion is blue quality, and unlike the horse example above, a blue quality companion is less useful to me as one of my current longer term goals is to build up a decent set of purple quality companions for the Sword Coast Adventures web game.

As a sidenote I guess there may be a new pack released at the same time as Module 3, themed on Icewind Dale. So I’d rather wait and see on this in case any new pack offers a better quality companion.

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