SWTOR: playing ‘evil’

We played an impromptu session of SWTOR on Saturday this weekend as a nice unexpected bonus.

Big droids are always a bonus

Big droids are always a bonus

We managed to finish off both the planetary mission line and all our class missions for Taris. It’s one of my favourite planets, partly I suppose as I have deep but vague memories of playing KOTOR and that game’s version of the planet. The sheer scale of the ruined city around you is pretty awe-inspiring.

Ruins in the moonlight

Ruins in the moonlight

One issue jarring note during an otherwise enjoyable session was that several of the Imperial missions on this planet are even darker than usual. I’ve played through this planet twice Republic-side some time ago so I got to see perhaps the opposite face of the same coin. For the Republic I was helping to rebuild a colony, now as an Imp I’m helping wipe out the same colony.

The alignment system doesn’t help as we realised recently we’d forgotten about equipping relics, items that give a significant boost to total health (and later other stats as well). The easiest/cheapest way to get them early on seems to be via the alignment vendors in fleet – so we need to max our dark or light side meter to get the best relics as they are locked not only by character level but also alignment level also. I’ve been playing my bounty hunter as a money-motivated professional mostly, choosing dark or light depending on the situation and the pay involved. He doesn’t kill for sport or fun, only if necessary but without remorse when it is. That’s left him dark-side but not far enough into it to get the best relics for his level. Do I start choosing dark side conversation options consistently to catchup or continue to play to alignment? We could do without the relics probably, but bear in mind this trio of characters are our only Imperial side characters, we have no max-level alts to buy over-priced crafted gear from the GTN.

Not saluting this flag anytime soon...

Not saluting this flag anytime soon…

I’ve never had a big issue swapping factions in World of Warcraft despite the frequent emphasis on Alliance vs Horde and “faction pride”. But in SWTOR I strongly identify with the Republic and have very little interest in playing ‘evil’. Slaughtering colonists isn’t my idea of a fun hour’s gaming even if it’s only cartoon violence and the colonists respawn in five minutes. It doesn’t help that a lot of mission-givers this side are so annoying that I would prefer to have bounties on them than the poor people we’ve been wiping out. Maybe I’ll manage to persuade my group to go back to Republic for the next play through…

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2 Responses to SWTOR: playing ‘evil’

  1. Shintar says:

    I really wouldn’t worry about relics. I level most of my alts without ever equipping one until max level myself. Their stat boosts are really minor, even at the level cap, where people just go after the procs and on-use effects for endgame content. If the empty slot bothers you that much, check the GTN for a suitable dark side relic, even if the highest rank available to you is quite a bit below your character level. At least on my server, the light/dark aligned relics that drop out in the world tend to be ridiculously cheap precisely because many people don’t go purely light or dark side while levelling and hardly anyone bothers with them.

    As for Imperial Taris, I don’t really remember it being significantly darker than other planets (though slaughtering lots of Cathar settlers certainly rings a bell; I always thought that must be weird to play through as a Cathar). I can definitely relate to identifying more with one side than the other though. I really enjoyed many of the class stories on Imp side, but my heart is firmly with the Republic.

    • Telwyn says:

      We played another impromptu session last night actually and all agreed that choosing the right conversation options for our characters is more important. As you suggest I’ll grab some lower tier relics for now just to ‘fill the slots’, thankfully since I’m not solo’ing my gear generally isn’t that important.

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